• Has all defects from previous reported defects/issues been resolved?


  • Is the site clear & safe of any potential hazards and dangerous objects?

  • Are all borders / fences / gates in a safe / good condition?

  • Is the playground free from vandalism/ graffiti / litter / weeds and in a safe clean useable condition?

  • Are all play area assets (signage / paths / shade sails / drink fountains / furniture / bike racks etc..) free from damage and in a safe useable condition?

  • Other site issues?


  • Does softfall depth meet the required Australian Standards?

  • Do all fall zones meet the required Australian Standards?

  • Is all rubber under surfacing in good / safe & useable condition?

  • Are all rubber swing mats secure & safe?

  • Are sandpits clean & free of any hazards and sand levels at an acceptable depth?

  • Any other under surfacing issues?


  • Is the equipment frame & footing secure & safe?

  • Is equipment complete with no missing parts?

  • Are all surfaces free of rust / rot / wear / splinters and any damage?

  • Are all bolts / links / shackles / springs etc.. in place / secure and in a safe useable condition?

  • Are all chains / ropes / cables in place / secure and in a safe & useable condition?

  • Are all seats / tyres sound and safe from obstruction

  • Does the equipment move / slide / turn etc.. freely?

  • Are all caps / covers / guards present secure and safe?

  • Are all swing & pommel seats free of any damage and in a useable safe condition?

  • Are all sliding surfaces free of any damage or hazards?

  • Is the equipment free of any body entrapments (finger, neck, torso etc..) as per Australian Standards?

  • Any other equipment safety issues?


  • Is there any for information required

  • Add media



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