• Prepared by

  • Add name:

  • Travelling to:

  • Date of Journey:

  • Journey Manager / Scheduled Contact:

  • Have you discussed the journey with them?

Risk Assessment

  • Is this the driver's first time journey on this route?

  • Discuss with Road Journey Manager/Contact

  • Is the anticipated driving time for the journey greater than eight hours?

  • Discuss with Road Journey Manager/Contact. Ensure Breaks from driving every 3 hours.

  • Will the journey require driving in darkness?

  • Discuss with Road Journey Manager/Contact


  • Route description / Summary:

  • Screenshot of route in Google Maps/QGis or Mudmap

  • Is there a need for towing on the journey?

  • Discuss with Road Journey Manager/Contact & refer to Towing Guideline + Towing checklist

  • Estimated Arrival:

  • Will this be a return journey?

  • Estimated return date & time:


  • It is the drivers responsibility to notify their scheduled contact before departure and maintain scheduled contact

  • Contact frequency: - Departing for Journey, 11h00 and arrival at destination as per standard Moho scheduled check-ins


Vehicle details

  • Driver Name:

  • Add name:

  • Passenger(s)

  • Add name:

  • Vehicle Type

  • Relevant licenses and/or competencies to operate this vehicle

  • All necessary vehicle pre-starts will be completed prior to travel


  • Driver confirms an InReach device will be kept on for the entire trip and scheduled check-ins will be abided to:

  • Drivers name & signature

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