• Have all aspects from previous inspections been resolved?


  • Fencing identified

  • Do the fences need any work?

  • Notes about fences

  • Notes about fences

  • Photo/s

Gates and bollards including locks

  • Gates identified

  • Do the gates require any work?

  • Bollards identified

  • Do the bollards require any work?

  • Locks identified

  • Do the locks require any work?

  • Notes about gates, bollards and locks

Car park/s and access

  • Car park/s identified?

  • Do the car parks require any maintenance?

  • Notes about car park and access

Walking paths

  • Walking paths identified

  • Path material

  • Do the paths require maintenance?

  • Notes about walking paths

  • Photo/s of walking path


  • Type of signage at reserve

  • Are all signs in good condition, up to date & free of vandalism?

  • Photo/s of signs

Nest boxes

  • Number / type of nest boxes

  • GPS of nest box
  • Photo of nest box

  • Nest Box Monitoring Program

  • Are nest boxes safe and in working order?

Other Infrastructure

  • Type of other infrastructure at the reserve

  • Do any of these items require maintenance?

  • Notes about other infrastructure

  • Photo/s of other infrastructure


  • Type of Revegetation undertaken

  • Do Revegetation beds meet the Service Standards?

  • Do tree guards need to be removed?

  • Do the Revegetation beds require more mulch?

  • Estimate amount of mulch required m3

  • Photo of Revegetation

Drainage and Erosion

  • Are there any drainage issues?

  • Photo of drainage issue

  • Recommended action for drainage issue

  • Is there active erosion?

  • Erosion photo

  • Recommended action for erosion issue

  • Are there any water quality issues?

  • Water quality issue photo

  • Recommended action for water quality issue


  • Is there any litter?

  • Litter

  • Add media


  • Weeds present

  • Control works required?

  • List weeds present, density and location brief description

Pest Animals

  • Pest animals present

  • Control works required?

  • List pest animals present, evidence and location brief description

Native flora and fauna of note

Land use issues / other damaging/threatening processes

  • E.g. Access, motorbikes, fire wood collection etc.

Management recommendations

Short term

Medium term

Long term


  • Name


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