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Business/Department Needs

  • 1. What are your current business/department needs and strategies that you need to support?

  • 2. What are some of the problems you are having or foresee in meeting these business/department needs or supporting these strategies?

  • a. Business Indicators – What do you observe that indicates there is a problem? i. Waste ii. Customer Satisfaction iii. Productivity iv. Lead times v. Quality

  • b. How long has this been a problem?

  • c. Where does it occur? (workgroup, department)

  • d. When or how frequently do you observe it?

  • e. What would indicate to you that the problem is solved?

  • 3. What other information or data exists that provides information about these business/department needs or problems?

  • 4. What types of things or measures would tell you that you are being successful?

  • 5. What is happening in your business/department that shouldn’t be happening?

  • 6. What is happening in your business/department that should be happening?

  • 7. What things or activities must be done to accomplish your goals or business/department needs?

  • 8. If all of these were done, what is the probability of success? Is this OK? If not, what other activities need accomplished?

Performance Needs

  • 1. What does excellent performance look like?

  • 2. What does current performance look like? Are they doing something they shouldn’t? What should they be doing that they aren’t?

  • 3. Which job roles are involved?

  • 4. What should these people be doing differently, start, stop doing?

  • 5. What things other than knowledge and skills might be preventing associates from performing as they should? Examples: Clear expectations, regular feedback against those expectations, tools, systems, job design, consequences for performance etc.

Learning Needs

  • 1. What knowledge, skills, or behaviors do you think the associates mentioned above need to learn to perform the way they should?

  • 2. How important are each of the knowledge and skills that you have mentioned?

Root Causes

  • 1. Expectations – Work requirements, procedures, clear understanding of what is expected

  • 2. Feedback against those expectations – Do they know how they are doing?

  • 3. Measurement – How do you know if they are doing well? Need this for feedback.

  • 4. Consequences – Are consequences aligned with expected performance, are there positive and negative consequences

  • 5. Tools and Systems

  • a. Does org. structure support good work?

  • b. Does the technology support good work?

  • c. Is the needed information readily available?

  • d. Does the work environment support good ergonomics?

  • 6. Are the people capable of learning and performing the job? Selection

  • 7. KSAs

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