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  • Who are the potential financial education recipients in targeted areas of place in terms of age, gender, level of education, income and level of literacy

  • What goals (if any) do potential recipients have for their Money ? What are the current needs and wants

Financial Literacy Questions

  • What formal or informal financial services do potential recipients use to put money aside?

  • What are the current savings practices and mechanisms?

  • What are perceived challenges to savings ?

  • What are the gaps in knowledge, experience, and attitudes about using financial services?

Cash Flow Management Questions

  • How do potential recipients currently manage their cash flow and debt?

  • Which available financial services (formal and Informal) are potential recipients aware ?

  • What are potential recipients' knowledge, experience and attitudes about using formal financial services?

  • How do potential recipients plan for life-cycle events that are known ?

  • How do they finance unanticipated needs, events or emergencies ?

Effectiveness of Current Social Benefit Programme

  • Is the current social benefit program effective without financial education?

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