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  • System Owner

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Network Security Risk Assessment


  • Describe the purpose of this Network Security Risk Assessment

  • Describe the scope of the risk assessment (including system components, elements, users, field site locations (if any), and any other details about the system to be considered in the assessment)

  • List all participants including role (e.g. system owner, system custodian, security admin, database admin, network manager, risk assessment team, etc.)

  • Describe key technology components (applications, databases, operating systems, networks, interconnections, protocols)

  • Describe how users access the system and their intended use of the system

Risk Assessment

  • Click Add Vulnerability (+) after you have identified a vulnerability or threat source

  • Vulnerability

Threat Source & Vulnerability

  • Observation

  • Threat source/ vulnerability

  • Enter threat/vulnerability

  • Evidence (flow diagrams, screenshots etc.) (optional)

  • Existing controls

Risk rating

  • Consequence

  • Likelihood

  • Risk rating

Recommended Controls

  • Recommended controls or alternative options for reducing risk


  • Recommendations

  • Name and Signature

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