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Data Migration

  • Copy local user folder(s) to \\mbw-fp01\stores\XXX\temp

Local computer setup

  • Installed all windows updated (including service packs)

  • Add users full name to "computer description"

  • Credentials

  • Create .\laketec account and add to .\administrators group<br>Create .\avservice account and add to .\administrators group<br>Change .\administrator password to standard password (located in Tigerpaw)

Software Removal

  • Remove Internet Explorer 9

  • Remove any preinstalled software that is not required for everyday business use

  • Removed any preinstalled antivirus and security suite (Norton Backup, Mcafee, etc)

  • Join computer to the domain

Software Installation

  • Installed Citrix client and setup<br>-Microsoft Office<br>-Arcadium<br>-Dealer Solutions<br>-Shoretel Communicator<br>-

  • Installed latest version of flash \\mbw-fp01.mbw.local\software\adobe\flash

  • Installed latest version of Adobe reader (Download from

  • Installed latest version of Java (Download from

  • Installed Bomgar client verified the client was pinned in the correct group

Final checks

  • Group policy applied (gpupdate /force)

  • Printers connected and working

  • Access to mapped drives

  • Company Intranet is set as Homepage


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