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  • Facilities Audit

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  • Front of store is clean and free of obstruction.

  • From of store window displays and signage are clean and all lights working.

  • Initial view of store (Clean, no obstructions, overall lighting visibly working)

  • Are there any contractors visibly working on the shop floor, are suitable controls in place and has a PTW been completed.

Fire Protection Systems

  • 1. Is a Service Provider regularly testing and maintaining the following components to the relevant Service Agreement and appropriate State legislation:

  • A - Portable Fire Extinguishers/Hose Reels/Hydrants

  • Photo of Date Stamp

  • 2. Are Fire Cupboards (fire hose reel storage, etc) clean and free from stored materials and rubbish?

  • 3. Are Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fire Hose Reels marked with a location and identification marker?

  • C - Fire Doors

  • E - Fire Sprinkler System

  • Are the fire sprinkler system log books on site and current?

  • Date of last service?

  • G - Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Emergency Management

  • Is the emergency evacuation plan clearly displayed in all areas?

  • Is the manual for Emergency Evacuation Procedures on site and viewed?

  • Are assembly areas allocated and understood?

  • When was the last practice drill carried out?

  • Are the means of escape paths and emergency exits clear?

Electrical (Common area equipment only)

  • 1. Has the Thermographic Test of the switchboards been completed, and report viewed with no repairs?

Hazardous Substances

  • Are there any hazardous materials or chemicals present on site?

  • Are the materials or goods stored correctly?

  • Are COSH sheets available for all chemicals?

  • Are there any signs of waste (liquids) discharging into drains?

Property Risk Audits

  • Has a H&S Risk Assesment been completed at the property?

  • Has a Fire Risk Assessment been completed?

  • Has an Asbestos Audit for the property been carried out?

  • If required, is an Asbestos Management Plan in place & operational?

Interior Environment

  • 1. Are floors and surfaces in good condition? (Slips & Trips)

  • Warehouse floors: construction joints repairs? Or Caulking required?

  • Any impact damage to bollards/columns?

  • 2. Are stairways and aisles kept clear and useable?

  • 3. Are lighting levels satisfactory?

  • 4. Is the general presentation and cleanliness satisfactory?

  • Are the common area kitchen/tea rooms clean?

  • Are vacant areas clean and presentable?

  • 11. Are public facilities and large common areas well presented?

  • Any damaged or missing Ceiling Tiles to be replaced?

Exterior Environment

  • 1. Are exterior walls, windows, gutters and surfaces clean and in good repair?

  • 2. Are paths and external stairs in good condition?

  • 6. Are all Roller Doors in working order and no visible damage?

  • 6. Are all Dock Levellers in working order and no visible damage?

  • 7. Any damaged bollards & fences/gates damaged?


  • 1. Are all restricted access areas locked?

Plant & Equipment

  • 1. Are all access ladders and stairways in good condition?

  • If required, are the roof anchor points/lines been maintained?

  • 6. Is the roof area free from debris and trip hazards?

Other Hazards

  • Please make a note of any hazards not already identified in this report.

General Comment

  • Store comments

  • Any security breaches, accidents occurred since last inspection?

  • Newlife Auditor:

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