Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Site information

  • What is the site category (eg. Hospital, Office building , processing plant etc)

  • Quoting to End user or via third party ?

  • Type of switchgear onsite (eg. ACB, MCCB, PFC etc)

  • No. of Switchboards onsite and qty of switchgear per board

ACB data

  • Manufacturer

  • Model/Type

  • Fixed or Withdraw

  • No. of Poles

  • Key or cable interlock required ?

  • Please add photos of Switchboard and each ACB

  • Is there more than 1 ACB in this area ?

  • Qty of ACBs

Spare ACBs

  • Does site need Spare ACB(s) ?

  • How many spares required?

  • Do site have spare ACBs

  • How many spares onsite

  • Specifications of Spare ACB(s)

  • No. of Spare ACBs onsite are sufficient and suitable

Shutdown schedule

  • Service will be conducted during weekdays Normal hours

  • Service will be conducted during weekdays after hours

  • Service will be conducted during weekend

  • No of shutdowns and duration of each shut

  • Does it need any preparation time onsite before service

  • undefined

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