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***NOTE*** this inspection report is to be considered uncontrolled unless printed out and original signatures of all participants are next to iPad signatures

Before entering site

  • Is an Emergency Evacuation Point (Muster Point) sign visible?

  • Warning signs posted and legible?

  • Are access tracks clear of obstructions?

  • Are vehicles reversed parked / parked to allow access?

  • Rig set up level and stable?

  • Refuelling vehicle parked in a safe position?

  • Is the drill pad set out to allow emergency access and exit?

  • Designated smoking area set up at least 10m away from drill hole?

  • Is there communication on site (mine radio / mobile phone / sat phone / etc)?

Site Housekeeping

  • Worksite is free from obstructions? (Slips, trips, fall hazards & rubbish)

  • Is worksite rubbish being disposed of correctly (correct waste bins etc)?

  • Is waste management book being used to record waste disposal?

  • Tools & Equipment is being stored correctly?

  • Walkways & Platforms clean & free of oil, grease & tools?

  • Spill kit is on-site and readily accessible?

  • Spill kit is adequately stocked?

Rig Emissions (dust, water & cutting control)

  • Dust is being adequately suppressed where practical?

  • Water & Cuttings are routed to sumps and are contained within the channels?

  • Sumps are containing all water & cuttings ( no leaks/overflow)


  • Adequate guarding in place for all rotating engine/drivetrain components, exhausts etc?

  • Adequate rod guarding (spin cage / rod fall protection / etc) in place and being used properly?

  • Foot clamp guards in place?

  • Interlocks are fitted and working?

  • Sumps have bunding, barricading or some other form of guarding in place?

Fluid Leaks

  • Are there any obvious fluid leaks from engine, drivetrain or hydraulic system including rod handler?

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Does the rig have a fire suppression system fitted?

  • Is the system charged and ready for use

  • Details

  • Portable fire extinguishers on all vehicles?

  • Fire extinguishers in current test & tag

  • Are all portable fire extinguishers firmly secured?

  • All persons on site have an understanding of how to use all the fire fighting equipment?

First Aid Equipment

  • Are first aid kits easily accessible?

  • Kits are stocked / clean and inspected?

  • Are there trained first aiders on site?

"E" Stops and Alarms

  • "E" Stop(s) have been checked and are all in working condition?

  • Remote "E" stop(s) have been checked and in working condition?

  • Mast raise and lower alarms working?

  • Gas monitor used and in working condition?

  • Bump test and calibration in date?

Lighting arrangements

  • Is there lighting provided for night shift?

  • Does the lighting tower have a current test & tag sticker/certificate?

  • Is all the electrical cabling positioned/fastened in such a way that is safe from getting damaged?

Equipment Tag out & Isolation

  • Do all the isolation/lock-out points have an identification sticker?

  • Are correct procedures being followed when equipment needs to be isolated and/or tagged out?

  • Do the isolation switches work?

Equipment Inspections

  • Daily pre-starts for each vehicle is being conducted as required?

  • Daily pre-starts for the rig is being conducted?

  • Manufacturers recommended inspections are being completed within the correct timeframe? (as per the operators manual)

Servicing of Equipment

  • Rig is being serviced as required?

High Pressure Hoses, Pressure vessels & Relief Valves

  • Do all hoses appear to be structurally sound through a visual inspection?

  • Do all hose fittings appear to be structurally sound through a visual inspection?

  • Do all hose fittings appear to be fitted correctly?

  • Are any of the fittings or hoses showing signs of leakage?

  • Are high pressure lines barricaded / delineated?

  • Are whipchecks placed on all pressure hoses and a secured correctly (2 x shackles to 2 x separate anchor points)?

  • Are pressure vessels registered? (If applicable)

  • Are pressure vessels tested and tests are current?

  • Pressure relief valves are tested and operational?

Winches, Ropes & Rod/Plug threads

  • Is lifting register available and in date?

  • Main winch rope is free from bird nesting, kinks, frays, twists etc?

  • Wireline rope is free from bird nesting, kinks, frays, twists etc?

  • Haul plug is in good operating condition?

  • Plugs and rods have serviceable threads?

  • Sheaves & Blocks are in good condition?

  • Shackles are rated and in good condition?

  • Clam shell rope approx 2/3 the length of rods / casing and in good condition?

  • Safety strop for overshot in place and serviceable?

Visual Inspection

  • Walkway railings are secure and in a serviceable condition?

  • Walkway steps/rungs have non-slip treads?

  • Walkways have securing pins and are being used?

  • Rod handler is in good operating condition?

  • Foot clamps are operating correctly?

  • Foot clamp jaws are secured correctly?

  • Breakout tool is in good serviceable condition?

  • Slips table is in good operating condition?

  • Stilsons are in good working condition?

  • Visual inspection of the mast; are there any?<br>* cracks, warps, bends or other visual defects?

  • Mast locks are in place and in good condition?

  • Hydraulic jack legs are in good condition?

  • Hydraulic jack legs have fluid leaks?

  • Work platforms are secured and free from obstructions?

  • Mandatory, Caution, Prohibition, Danger, Fire, First Aid, Traffic, HAZCHEM signage is present, visible and legible at all required locations?

  • Dunnage (jack blocks) in good condition?

  • Is VLC equipment compliant and in good condition?

  • Is there a crew member on site who is trained, competent and authorised to use VLC?

  • All pumps are diesel not petrol motors?

Gauges and Controls

  • All gauges are working?

  • All gauges are easily readable?

  • All controls are in good working order?

  • All controls are easily identifiable?

Power/Hand tools

  • Equipment seems to be in good working order when visually inspected?

  • Power cords/plugs are in good condition?

  • Electrical tools have a current test & tag sticker/certificate?

  • Tools are stored correctly when not in use?


  • Have all workers been inducted & the correct paperwork has been completed for the site?

  • Are all contractors, visitors or client representatives inducted for the site?

  • Are toolbox meetings held as required?

  • Are there records of hazard observations?

  • Are there records of per-shift huddles?

  • Are the company policies, procedures (SCP), SWP's on-site?

  • Are SWP's being referenced / reviewed?

  • Are MSDS documents available for all products on-site?

  • Are MSDS documents current?

  • Are all persons on-site aware of where to find all the documentation?

  • Workers are competent in filling out the required paperwork?

  • Do all vehicles have Equipment Compliance stickers?

  • Is there an up to date Emergency Response Sheet including contact numbers available at the drill pad?

  • Are JSA pads available at the drill pad?

  • Are SLAM's / Take 5's / Etc being completed?

Personal Hygiene

  • Fresh, clean and cool drinking water is available?

  • Food is being stored in a hygienic manner?

  • Hand cleaning products are available?

  • Waste food products are being disposed of in the correct manner?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Site has adequate supplies of company issued PPE?

  • Is further PPE required to ensure safety on this site?

  • Workers are using the supplied PPE?

  • When not in use, is PPE being stored correctly?

  • Disposable PPE is being discarded correctly? (gloves, earplugs, etc in bins)

  • Is UV protection being used? (hats, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt/pants)

  • Crew workwear (long sleeve shirts & pants) in good condition

  • Sleeves rolled down, buttoned up and no loose clothing?

Personnel Attitudes and Training

  • All personnel on-site are displaying a positive attitude towards Health, Safety & Environmental protocols?

  • Do you feel that the crew have identified all the hazards on site?

  • Does driller have Cert III ?

  • Does driller have S123 and G2?

  • Do offsiders have Cert II ?

  • Does the driller have "conduct lifting operations" ?

  • Do all crew have "service mine plant and equipment" ?

  • Do all crew have "fit and adjust wheels" ?


Site Supervisors comments

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