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General Crash Cart Inspection

  • Crash cart is in place and accessible

  • Crash cart is locked with number of the lock recorded on the checklist per checking- integrity of locked checked

  • Drawers are properly labeled (airway, medication, breathing, circulation)

  • Crash cart is clean and functional

Crash Cart Equipment Checking

  • Defibrillator available, clean and disinfected- functionality checked in accordance with operator's manual-PPM up to date

  • Defibrillator plugged into an emergency power

  • Defibrillator cables are connected to the paddles

  • Portable suction machine available, functionality checked-plugged into emergency power- PPM up to date

  • Oxygen cylinders checked- have at least 1000 psi

  • Resuscitation bag connected to oxygen cylinder's flow meter using clean oxygen tubing-resuscitation bag connected to a mask

External Crash Cart Content

  • Pressure bag available and functional

  • ECG Electrodes complete pack available and not expired (1 pack)

  • Extra ECG paper available- 1 Roll

  • Defibrillator Pads available and not expired (Adult- 2 packs)

  • Sharps container available and not more than 3/4 full

  • KY Jelly available- 2 sachets

  • Stethoscope (1)

  • Non-sterile gloves (Large, 1 box)

  • Clip board (1 pc) & Checklist (5pcs,)

  • Code BLue & Quality Audit Forms available (5 each)

  • Cardiac Arrest Board (1)

  • Skin -Des Antiseptic Hand Spray (1 bottle)

  • Xylocaine/Lidocaine Spray or Gel (1 either)

  • Bougie available and not expired


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