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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Hard hats worn and in order?

  • Safety foot wear worn and in order?

  • Safety goggles / glasses worn and in order?

  • Hearing protection worn and in order?

  • Gloves available and worn when appropriate?

  • Dust mask available and worn when appropriate?

  • Safety harnesses available?

  • Safety harnesses in good condition?

  • Register kept of safety harnesses?

  • No loose clothing, bootlaces draw ect.?

  • Long hair restrained?

  • No loose jewellery?

  • Protection agains U.V exposure?

  • Welding gloves, mask and spats worn and in order?

  • Cold and / or wet weather clothing available?

  • Reflective vests worn and in order?

  • PPE training forms part of induction?

Housekeeping / Environmental

  • Is the drill site safe from natural hazards, i.e. flooding, fire, etc.?

  • Is the drill site free of litter?

  • Are refuse bags and bins available and in used?

  • Are consumables and equipment neatly stored and stacked?

  • Is the drilling platform clear of abstructions?

  • is the tool rack available and used?

  • Is a tool box available and used?

  • Is the entire area free of tripping hazards?

  • Is prompt attention paid to spills?

  • Are all labels, gauges and warning lights clean and legible?

  • Is the rig deck free of grease, oil and diesel spillage?

  • Is there any evidence of oil or fuel spills at the site?

  • Is fluid discharge from the drill hole channelled away from the rig to a pump?

  • Is the drilling sup large enough to contain all slurry produced during drilling?

  • Is the sump barricaded?

  • Are warning signs/flags erected around sumps?

  • Are sumps lined with plastic sheeting?

  • Are core sample boxes stored well clear of the rig?

  • Does the rig appear clean and tidy?

  • Does equipment appear clean and tidy?

  • Is the site layout arranged to allow clear escape routes in the case of an emergency?

  • Proof of regular emergency drills?

  • Time of emergency drill took place?

Fire Protection and Equipment

Fire extinguishers correct size and type available on the following items

  • on the rig?

  • On all support vehicles?

  • Accessible?

  • Clearly labelled?

  • Gauges indicated "full/green"? (yearly hydrostatic test)

  • Current service labels?

  • Are petrol, diesel, oil and grease stored in a protected area well away from the rig?

  • Does the storage area have a suitable warning sign? e.g. "danger - flammable liquids no smoking of naked lights"

  • Is the storage area cleared of grass?

  • Is there a fire break around the drill site?

  • Has dry grass / flammable materials been cleared from under the rig, around gen. sets, water pups ect.?

First Aid Requirements

  • First aid box available?

  • Contents as per legal requiremnts?

  • Monthly inspections available on First aid requirements?

  • Time of inspection?

  • First aider nominated and appointed?

  • First aid training provided?

Winches hoist and lifting

  • Are all safety latches in a good working order?

  • Safety factors and load capacity clearly indicated?

  • Annual load test conducted?

  • Proper maintenance and inspection records available?

  • Awareness and training available for persons who conducts lifting operations <3 tons?

Rig Stability

  • is the rig level and stable?

  • Are the rig jacks on a stable foundation?

  • Are jacks secured?

  • Does the mast appear to be structurally sound?

  • Is the mast adequately supperted?

  • Are the must pivot points and locking pins secured and in good condition?

  • Are there any loose or missing bolts?

  • Are ladders and walkways satisfactory?

  • Is a fall arrest system installed and used?

  • Is the support blocks in a good condition?

  • Is the support blocks on an inspection list?

Pressure Relief Valves

Are pressure relief valves fitted to:

  • water injection pump

  • triplex pump

  • compressor

  • No shut off valve between primary valve and triplex pump?

  • Compressor certificates in order or not?

  • Anti whip lash devices on air pypes?

Chemicals Control

  • Are the chemicals that are being used, stored and labelled correctly?

  • Are material safety data sheets available for all chemicals used?

  • Should decanting be done, are spills/drip trays used?

  • Are decanted chemicals properly labelled?

  • Are persons trained on storage, decanting, handling and use of chemicals?<br><br>Actual training records to be audited

  • is the required PPE available and used?

  • Risk assessment in place for chemical handling?

Compressed Gas Cylinders

  • Are all compressed gas cylinders ( oxy acetylene ) stored correctly?

  • Flashback arrestors on all Oxy acetylenes sest?

  • Correct hose clamps on Oxy Acetylene sets?

  • Australian approved hoses on Oxy Acetylene sets?

  • Proper maintenance and inspection records available?

  • Inspection or audits available on compressed gas cylinder?

  • Are all electrode holders and leads effectively insulated?

  • Was a hot work permit issued for hot work?

Risk Assessment

  • Has an inventory been made identify all occupations and tasks?

  • Have all hazardous task been identified and prioritized?

  • Have all task been assessed to determine the degree of risk?

  • Have employees been trained to conduct on the spot risk assessments?

  • Have employees been informed as to the risks associated with their work?

  • Have employees been trained as to risk elimination, risk reduction and mitigation?

  • Are records kept of all risk assessment conducted?

  • Are issue based risk assessments conducted whenever new equipment is introduced, new tools used or when changes are made to existing work procedure, standards or codes of practice?


  • Are daily safety meetings held (toolbox talks or 3 minute JSA's)?

  • Are minutes kept of all safety meetings?

  • Is a record kept of all training given to employees?

  • Have all employees undergone pre-employment medical examination

  • Are all accidents / incidents reported to Aquila steel promptly?

  • Are all accidents promptly investigated?

  • Is waste disposable done according to recognized standards?

  • Is hazardous waste removed to a hazardous waste dump site?

  • Are records kept of waste disposal? Check for oil call receipts?

  • Is there an affective means of communication on site i.e cell phones?

  • Are emergency procedures in place and known by all employees?

  • Working hours (shifts and days per week)

  • Awareness training given on reptiles and insects?

  • Earth leakage protection devices fitted to generators and tested?

  • Electrical cables in good condition and fitted with tags

Additional comments / recommandations

  • Signature of safety officer

  • Signature of supervisor

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