• a. Fire extiguishers: serviced, tagged, accessible (if blocked - fix before leaving the area)

  • b. Exits: marked, accessible, clear of obstructions (if an exit is blocked, fix before leaving the area)

  • c. Exit signs: illuminated

  • d. Evacuation routes posted

  • e. Solvents, flammables: appropriate cabinet, storage

  • f. Compressed gas cylinders: secured

  • g. Alarms: clear of obstructions

  • h. Exits/corridors: minimum 3 foot clearance

  • i. Electrical cords/plugs/outlets: in good condition

  • j. Wall outlet and junction box: covers in place

  • k. Escutcheon caps in place

  • l. No wires or extension cords under carpets/rugs, through doorways, or placd in other traffic areas

  • m. No space heaters/no microwaves in offices

  • n. No halogen lighting

  • o. Sprinklers - head in proper position, undamaged, free of obstructions, dust, and grime

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Surface: nails, splinters, breaks

  • b. Openings (permamnent & temporary): guarding

  • c. Wet, slippery

  • d. Aisles/walkways: free of trip and fall hazards

  • e. Storage hazards

  • f. Free of foreign objects, no tripping hazards

  • g. Carpeting: secure, non-buckled, non-frayed

  • h. No inherently slippery areas

  • i. Floor elevation differences & step-ups discernible

  • k. Cleaning materials - safely stored

  • j. Electrical floor outlets covered when not in use

  • l. Storage: nothing within 18 inches of ceiling or within 18 inches of sprinkler heads

  • m. Ceiling tiles: clean, no signs of roof leaks

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Lighting adequate

  • b. Emergency lighting

  • c. Treads/Surface: firm, level, not excessively worn or slippery, clean

  • d. Handrails: adequate and secure

  • e. Free of storage

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Surfaces: unobstructed, non-slip

  • b. Handrails: adequate and secure

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • b. Weather protection (rain mats, etc.)

  • c. Entranceway: well-illuminated

  • d. Doors: freely swing outward

  • a. Outside approachway: unbroken, non-slip, even surface

  • e. Unobstructed, clear travelway

  • f. Proper lighting

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • b. Outlets not overloaded

  • a. Electrical cords: grounded and are not a trip hazard

  • c. Surge protector/extension cord: proper use, no daisy chaining

  • d. Extension cords, phone cords & cables: properly routed or covered to avoid trip/fall hazards

  • e. No sharp edges, points or splinters on furniture

  • f. File/storage cabinets, bookshelves and other items over 5 feet in height: properly anchored/secured

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Signs/awnings: good condition, secured

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Car levels with 1/2" of landing

  • b. Car lighting adequate

  • c. Alarm bell functions

  • d. Emergency telephone provided & functional

  • e. Inspection certificate posted and up-to-date

  • f. Car interior free of wall openings and tripping

  • g. Elevator area free of obstructions

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Doorway: unobstructed and clean

  • b. Room or area not used for storage

  • c. Lighting adequate

  • Other comments and observations:

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  • a. Sidewalks/walkways - unbroken, non-slip, even

  • b. Doors - freely swing outward

  • c. Building exterior free of debris

  • d. Walks/driveways: unobstructed

  • e. Parking lot: bumper blocks painted & secured, walkways in good condition, adequately lighted, paved surface unbroken

  • Other comments and observations:

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GENERAL CONDITIONS (First Aid Kits/Lighting)

  • a. First Aid Kit: present and filled

  • b. AED: signage posted, accessible, clear of obstructions. (if there is an obstructions or concern, fix before leaving the area)

  • c. Proper light throughout workplace

  • Other comments and observations:

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Other Concerns

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