On line positioning

Has a close proximity to Touchdown situations with a clear view of the ball on the scoreline

Reads play in advance in confined and tight areas and is aware of the long ball and works to improve positions to have the best line of sight.

Positioning in General Play

Stays close to the acts at all times into the ball /play to make accurate and credible decisions

Pro Active Communications

Early &Effective to obtain maximum for both attack and defence

Early Advantage play with the latest possible penalty to make sure there is a full run from the advantage first


5m presence: consistent 5m (inc all aspects of 5m control) with early nominations for best flow on effect, including checking both sides for shooters

2x2x2 system: has a complete understanding of the specifics and outcomes required from this

Physical: quick response with appropriate action to physical pay


Dual changes made with confidence and with the ref being on the 5m line and square before the 1st touch is made

Hs the referee provided value added input to enhance the performance of the team


Individual: confidence with personal decision-making, adopts a leadership role on the field

Rulings: applies correct and consistent decisions I.a.w. playing rules


Other comments

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