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Location of check?
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Vehicle condition


Is the vehicle exterior clean?

Due to exterior not being clean, can a FULL Vehicle check be completed?

Is the vehicle interior clean?

Due to interior not being clean, can a FULL Vehicle check be completed?

Outrigger pads? enter qty

Is the bodywork, wheels, tyres and windscreen free from damage, scratches or cracks?

Is the boom section, basket and outriggers free from damage, scratches or cracks?

Please add photos of the vehicle, including interior, rear compartment, external sides, windscreen and basket

Please list and ancillaries with the vehicle, eg road cones, fire extinguisher, ladder rack, harnesses etc.

Additional comments

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If the vehicle is in a dirty condition and marked above as so, then you agree that another Vehicle condition check can be carried out after cleaning. A copy will be available to you.

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