Remote Operations

  • Is WGT visible on SCADA

  • Is remote control of WGT possible


  • Grouting (Cracks or Chips)

  • Base Bolt Tension Marks, Bolt and washer installation.

Turbine Base

  • Studs/nuts/present/secure

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Stud/nut covers

Tower Exterior

  • Paint Condition

  • Stairs Level & Tread height uniform

  • Cleanliness

Turbine ground level interior

  • Door secure (latches, locks)

  • Turbine ID "visible"

  • Caution notices present

  • Door retainer present/serviceable

  • Converter coolant system attached, correct coolant level and no leaks

  • Cable ducts (sealed)

  • Grounding

  • Notices/labels present

  • Switchgear keys in place?

  • Panels secure?

  • Panel key available?

  • Switchgear operating handle in place?

  • Safety notices present

  • Stairs level and tread height uniform?

  • Lift safety barrier in place?

  • Door filters in place?

  • Lights operational?

  • Emergency lights operational?

  • Ladder secure?

  • Service lift operating properly?

  • Cabinet doors all serviceable?

  • Fall arrest system in good working order? (nameplate data)

  • All cables secure/identified?

Mid-level Transformer

  • Any damage to unit?

  • Cabling in correct orientation?

Intermediate levels

  • Tension marks in place?

  • Lift gates operable?

  • Floor plates present/secure?

  • Floor bolts secure?

  • Earth cables present/secure?

  • Power cables secure?

  • Lights operational?

  • Auxiliary power supplies present?

  • Ladder secure?

  • Fall arrest system in good condition?

  • Interior clean?


  • Main bearing and main frame in good condition?

  • Rotor brakes (wear on disc/pads), pads adjusted correctly?

  • Generator brushes in good condition? Listen for bearing issues

  • Yaw system in good condition? (teeth, contactors, brakes)

  • Nacelle hatches in good condition?

  • Caution notices present?

  • Safety guards in place?

  • Lights operational?

  • Ventilation filters in place?

  • Hydraulics system good? (system pressure, noise from pump, condition of oil, leaks)

  • Generator cooling operational? (fan, rotation, ducts secure)

  • Nacelle cover and cabin

  • Crane/ chain hoist

  • Top control cabinet (damage?)

  • Met instruments (are all sensors working with reasonable values)

  • Cleanliness (oil leaks)

  • Rescue kit present


  • How does it sound?

  • Check proper oil level

  • Filter housing in good condition?

  • Gearbox cooler in good condition? Verify fan rotation


  • Blades (lightning cards in place - if applicable)

  • Is grease present on blade bearings?

  • Overall condition of pitch system

  • Are blade hatches fastened correctly?

  • Is hub hardware in good working condition?

  • Are pitch rams in good condition?

  • Are all safety tags and labels in place and legible?


  • Does fall arrest system have tag identifying max load, installation date, and date of last certification?

  • Are all anchor points identified and labelled?

  • Are emergency stop buttons functioning?

  • FAA lighting functional?

  • Fire alarm operational?

  • Lift interlock operational?

  • Is crane in good working order with weight stamp legible?

  • Summary

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