Title Page

  • Session Date

  • Patient Name

  • Occupational Therapist Name

  • Location

Occupational Therapy SOAP Note

Subjective Information

  • In this section, write down the patient's health concerns, past and present medical history, symptoms, and other vital information. Photos can also be attached as supporting evidence.

  • Primary Concern(s)

  • Patient History

  • Review of Symptoms

  • Other Notes

  • Supporting Photos/Documents (Optional)

Objective Information

  • In this section, note all quantifiable data about the patient's physical and functional state, including the following:

    • Vital signs
    • Findings from physical examinations
    • Laboratory results
    • Imaging results
    • Other diagnostic information

  • Physical and Functional Condition

  • Other Notes

  • Supporting Photos/Documents (Optional)


  • In this section, give your professional opinion about the patient's condition considering the subjective and objective data provided by the patient. This can include a summary of the patient's diagnosis, recovery progress, and areas for improvement.

  • Problem or Diagnosis

  • Differential Diagnosis

  • Other Notes


  • In this section, specify the goals for the patient and the steps required to achieve them. This can include exercises, rehabilitation programs, interventions, or referrals to other healthcare professionals.

  • Treatment Plan


  • Name and Signature of Occupational Therapist

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