OEE Manufacturing Checklist

Equipment Investment Plans and Maintenance Planning

Is equipment investment coordinated with the development of new products and new processes?

Is equipment investment cost-effective?

How is the plant investment budget drawn up and controlled?

Are maintenance planning suggestions duly reflected in equipment investment standards?

Are reliability and maintenance duly considered in selecting, designing and placing equipment?

Is equipment closely monitored in the start-up stages?

Is the company good at developing its own dies, tools and equipment?

Are policies promptly instituted to keep major problems from recurring?

Are plant assets properly managed?

Production Volume, Scheduling, Quality and Cost

Is the equipment control closely integrated with production volume and scheduling?

Is equipment control closely integrated with quality control?

Are maintenance budgets drawn up and managed properly?

Is the energy and other resource conservation practiced?

Results and Assessments

Are results properly measured?

Are policies being implemented and objectives met?

Is maintenance paying off in terms of enhanced productivity and other management aims?

Does the company make an effort to publicize its activities and its successes?

Does the company know where the problems are?

Have plans been drawn up for future progress?

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