OEE Report Template

Unplanned Downtime

Were there equipment breakdowns/failures?

Were unplanned repairs made?

Was there a lack of material?

Was there a lack of transport for completed goods?

Planned Downtime

Was the equipment set up too long?

Did the changeovers take too long?

Was the operator frequently absent? (e.g. breaks, comfort room time, etc.)

Small Stops

Was there minor idling?

Was an incorrect operation done on the equipment?

Slow Cycles

Was there a lack of maintenance?

Was there wear and tear on the equipment?

Were wrong settings applied to the equipment? (e.g. set speed slower than possible)

Production Rejects

Were there products that cannot be salvaged at all?

Were there products that had to be reworked to be usable?

Start-up Rejects

Were there start-up losses during ramp up of production?


Additional Observations

Machine Operator Name & Signature
Quality Manager Name & Signature