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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • OSHA, Other required posters displayed

  • All accidents reported in a timely manner

  • Supervisory investigation of all accidents

  • Required safety file current and reviewed frequently for revisions

First aid

  • Sufficient number of attendants available at all times

  • Responders certified in First Aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Current responder list posted for availability

  • First Aid supplies inventoried and replenished as needed

Means of egress

  • Required exits are clearly evident or marked

  • Required exit doors swing outward to accommodate traffic flow

  • Exit door hardware operates properly

  • If required, two distinct and remote exits are available

  • Working exit signs and Emergency lights are available

  • False exits are marked or labeled to eliminate confusion in emergencies

  • Required exits and exit ways are up obstructed, ready for immediate use

  • Emergency Action Plans and Procedures are up to date and reviewed

Fire protection

  • Adequate proper class fire extinguishers in place

  • Extinguishers are wall mounted, uninstructed and readily available

  • Annual service is performed on all extinguishers ad dated tags attached

  • Adequate staff members have received annual training for extinguisher use

  • Smoke detectors and emergency lighting working

Walking and working surfaces

  • Floors are relatively smooth and free of tripping hazards

  • Steps, ramps, and handrails a are maintained and in good repair

  • Corridors, walkways and aisles are maintained free and unobstructed


  • Electrical equipment is maintained and in good working condition

  • All electrical cords are free of frayed areas, splices, or worn conditions

  • Outlets and switches have cover plates to prevent accidental contact

  • No electrical cords are running over / under walls or thru doorways, etc.

  • All circuits are properly identified in breaker / fuse panel boxes

  • Breaker or fuse panel boxes are readily accessible in emergencies

  • All electrical equipment is either grounded or joule insulated type

Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures

  • Office furniture chairs desks and tables in safe useable condition

  • Equipment is free of sharp edges splinter or broken parts

  • Cabinets and shelves are properly loaded heavier items on bottom

Hazardous materials and storage

  • Separate and appropriate storage facilities for hazardous materials/items

  • Current Material Safety Data Sheets are available for hazardous materials

General safety

  • Housekeeping and sanitation is adequate

  • All areas are provided with adequate lighting and ventilation

  • Outside areas and parking lots are properly maintained

  • Handicap accessible

  • Inspection performed by

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