Floors: clean, dry, free from debris, clutter and trip hazards

Signs are posted when floors are wet (e.g., when floors are washed, spills)

Stairs and hallways kept clear and unobstructed

Stairwells adequately lit; steps, treads, etc., in good condition

Furniture and office equipment secure from tipping; appropriate for work being done

Chairs in safe condition and are caster, rungs and legs sturdy

All equipment and supplies in their proper places

Carts, dollies, etc. available for use in transporting heavy objects and boxes

Exits, Entrances and Exterior Parking Lot

Doors are not blocked

Routes, signs and doors clearly marked; exit signs easy to see; outside entrances and parking lots are clearly lit

Walkways and parking lots are free from snow, ice, water, grease, etc.

Workplace Environment

Lighting levels adequate; work areas free from glare

Air quality adequate

Temperature and humidity adequate


Heights of chairs and desks appropriate

Employee posture is being monitored

Seat depth, width, and height respect ergonomic requirements

The seating backrest offers the required support for the back

The seating surfaces free of sharp edges which could snag clothing or cause discomfort or injury

Seating comply with fire standards

Furniture easily accessible

Seat stable and has enough support points

The design and construction is robust and safe for use

Controls or moving parts can be operated without risk of trapping fingers

Seating upholstery is a breathable fabric

Fire Protection and Warning System

Emergency lighting; adequate lighting, tested and record of annual inspection

Portable fire extinguishers: appropriate type, readily available and inspected

Fire exit doors: in good repair, unlocked and free from obstruction (both sides)

Fire/emergency alarm systems operational; fire exit signs lit

Fire and evacuation plan is posted Workers know the plan (ask an employee)

Hygiene and First Aid

Washrooms are clean

Washing facility available (soap, warm water)

First aid kits: supply inventory; treatment log; first aid training manual

Employees know how to get first aid when needed (ask an employee)


Extension cords are secured and in good condition (no exposed wires or bent prongs)


Safe procedures and emergency procedures are in place

Emergency numbers for internal and external contacts are easily available

Training on workplace violence and harassment (ask an employee)


Additional recommendation

Full name & Signature of Inspector