• Contractor

  • Foreman

  • Weather

Section 1 - Communication

  • Safety Instructions/Incident Learnings

  • PDO Second Alerts/ HSE Flash

  • Work Stoppages

  • Super Wednesday

  • Work Instruction/Toolbox Talks/Reflective Learnings, and 4CAAP

  • Safety signs/Policies/Authorised use

Section 2 - Welfare

  • Toilets and wash facilities, working condition, correct soap available, hand drying available, cleanliness and barrier cream

  • Refreshment/Rest area, drinking water (filters) and cups available, cleanliness, number of seat, availability for religious activities. Etc

  • Housekeeping, all work areas, walkways kept clean and tidy, service pits secure

  • Offices, all required equipment available, good lighting, display screen equipment assessments

  • Waste management, no build of waste, waste bins/skips available

Section 3 - Equipment & Machinery

  • Guards, condition and utilised

  • Safety Inspections/certificates for Hand held, fixed, portable and lifting equipment

  • Tool and equipment condition, casing, wiring, plugs, airlines, gauges no handmade tools

  • Hands off tools, available and used where required

  • Welding/cutting equipment certified and in good condition

  • Equipment registers in place and up to date with all required equipment identified

Section 4 - PPE

  • Correct type of Gloves for operation (Impact/Normal)

  • Hard Hats/Bump Caps

  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection

  • Coveralls

  • Safety Footwear

  • Hi Viz vest

  • Face/Dust Mask

Section 5 - Facilities

  • Buildings

  • Wash down

  • Electrical panels

  • Lighting

  • Ventilation/A/C’s

Section 6 - Store Management

  • Tyres protected from sunlight

  • Tyres, hazardous materials and cylinders segregated

  • Racking secure, and suitable

  • Storage management - Heavy items at the bottom etc

  • Battery storage - Ventilated, flash proof lighting

  • Lifting equipment controlled, certified and quarantined

  • Gas cylinders - Segregated, ventilation, and secured

  • COSHH(data sheets) available for all substances, substances locked away

Section 7 - Fire & Emergency

  • Fire Warden

  • Fire alarms- tested and inspected

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Assembly points identified

  • Doors and exits unobstructed

  • First Aiders available

  • First aid Provisions/Defibrillator

  • Eye wash stations

  • Spill Kits

  • Bunds available, used and appropriate

  • MSDS/SHOC available

  • 5555 PDO awareness

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