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Operations Register/Contractor paper work

  • Is the "Milemaker Operations register" available on site? (Version 4)

  • Does the site have a folder with all contractors work sheet, JSA, work permit, or WPCG permit attached?

Licences and certificates

  • Does site have a Milemaker emergency contact list at the console?

  • Is the current and valid dangerous good licence on display?

  • Is the emergency flip chat (June 2013) up to date with current telephone numbers available at the console?

  • Is the site currently registered as a food selling business?<br>View and note licence number.

  • Is the a map outlining the site evacuation procedure including an evacuation point and escape route on display?


  • Does the site have a diary or a communications book for recording customer concerns and or communicating to staff?

Site Self Audit

  • Are the Milemaker Monthly store hazard/risk audit sheets being completed?

PA System

  • Is there a public address system, and is it operational? (Test)

Emergency Stop

  • Are all "emergency stop" switches readily accessible, with no items blocking access and operational?

  • Does the site perform an emergency evacuation drill regularly, is this documented? Record last date?

Electrical Equipments

  • Is all portable electrical equipment tested and tagging in date?

  • Are all red power points free of any foreign appliances? <br>(Kettles, toasters, phone chargers, etc)

Training records

  • Does the site have a current employee list which records staff training completed in any/all of the following

  • Fire training

  • Spill kit training

  • Emergency response training

  • First aid training

  • Food safety training

  • LPG training

  • BBQ gas bottle training

LPG Gas- Auto gas and decanting

  • Does site have a "Caltex LPG operations manual"? (Version June 2012)

  • Is the "Caltex site occupier LPG daily & weekly inspection record" being completed?

  • Has each pump dispenser breakaway coupling been tested and recorded? Note the last test date.

Food hygiene

  • Does the site possess a Caltex HACCP food safety plan?

  • Does the site have a qualified food safety supervisor? View certificate, noting name and date.

  • Is all food currently with their expiry date? <br>Spot check.

  • Does the site have a working thermometer?

  • Has the thermometer been calibrated? (Probe- Water and ice. Laser- calibration kit) and is it bring recorded monthly?

  • Is the daily monitoring schedule being completed daily?

  • Is food preparation sink clean, sanitising soap and paper towel available?

  • Is all PPE in good conditions? (Gloves, bakery trays, tongs)

  • Is all food prep and display areas clean and free of spill and crumbs?

  • Is there a system in place for the "in and out" times for the food with in the HAC units?

  • Can the site provide a copy of a pest control service report including sighting register, bait station map, MSDS and current contractor licence?

Incident reporting

  • Is the operator able to describe the correct procedures to follow in the event of an incident?

  • Does site have blank incident reports available?

  • Does the site have current incident reports completed and filed correctly?

Fire Equipment Interior

  • Does site have at least 1 fire extinguisher in the sales showroom and or behind the console?

  • Does the site have a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of the electrical switchboards?

  • Does all interior fire extinguishers poses a metallic tag with dates of previous service not more then 6 months previous?

  • Do all interior fire extinguisher locations have current signage in place?

Exit Lighting

  • Are all exit signs and emergency lighting been maintained in an operable conditions?

  • Is the view or identification of exit signs obstructed?

Door Signage

  • Does the entranceway posses height stickers on the door frame to assist in height estimates?

  • Is there decal asking customers to 'remove helmets' prior to entering the store?

  • Can the console operator clearly see all areas of the forecourt with out having to look around obstructions?

General Fire Safety

  • Are paths ways and isles clear?

  • Are rubbish and combustible materials disposed of appropriately on a regular basis?

  • Is there a sharps container and handling procedure?

  • Is the correct ladder/safety steps being used? (No milk creates)

  • Are all items in the store room stored safely not stacked above shoulder height?

  • Is the store room clean and tidy, no obstacles or trip hazards?

  • Is the store room & console are free of any LPG cylinders stored inside?

Site Emergency Equipment

  • Is the touch available to employees intrinsically safe?

  • Are thermally insulated gloves for emergency use (LPG) readily assessable?

  • Does the site possess protective eye ware for LPG decanting?

  • Are 2 spare LPG metal fill valve caps readily accessible for emergency use?

  • Are at least 2 reflective vests readily available?

  • Is there at least 3x 700mm high reflective safety cones available for forecourt work and traffic management?

  • Does the site have adequate wet floor/hazard warning signs?

  • Is all safety equipment together and located in an accessible location behind the console?

  • Is all safety equipment/PPE in good conditions?

First Aid Kit

  • Does the site posses a first aid kit?

  • Is the first aid kit placed in a position where the console operator can readily access it at all times?

  • Is the first aid kit free of all out of date stock?

  • Is the first aid kit free of paracetamol and aspirin based medication?

Cash Handling Security

  • Does the cash draw contain less then $300?

  • Is the console area free any unsecured cash, change or spare float?

Security System CCTV

  • Is there a camera pointed in the direction of the point of sale counter?

  • Is there a camera on site that covers the main public entrence to store?

  • Can the customer see the CCTV image on the monitor as the perform their transactions?

  • Is the console camera focused at the customer at the console? (Rather than the stock or cash draw)

  • Does the console camera clearly show the the customer features so that they can be recongnized?

Panic Duress Alarm

  • Is there a duress/panic alarm at the console?

  • Is the duress alarm immediately accessible? (Not blocked by stock)

  • Are there records of monthly testing of the duress alarm switches?

Fuel Water Testing

  • Does the site have suffice to water paste on site?

  • Does the site conduct weekly water paste tests?

  • Does the site keep a record of water paste tests?


Dip and fill points

  • Are the fill and dip points securely marked with circular discs and numbers of durable materials?

  • Are fill and dip caps present on site and have the ability to be secured?

  • Do all fill and dip points possess a rubber or leather seal to prevent water entering the tank?

  • Do dipsticks have safe fill levels marketed on them?

  • Are dip sticks free of any bends breaks or worn areas?

Spill Box

  • Is the spill boxer drain valve sealing correctly? (Test)

  • Is the spill box cleaned and free of mud leaf litter and water?

Fuel Dispensers

  • Are all pump/dispensers in good working order?

  • Are all pump/dispensers hoses free from cracks or damage? (Detail those that are not)

  • Are the pump/dispensers area free of any evidence of fuel spill?

  • Are all your pump/dispensers cabinets free from any damage? (Please detail those which are not)

  • Are all pumps/dispensers and columns numbered?

  • No ignition sources located in hazardous area?

  • Are all dispensers protected from impact by vehicles and trailers?

  • Are all LPG hoses fitted with self sealing break coupling?


  • Do all LPG pumps/dispensers have "Filling instructions" in place?

  • Do all "Emergency Stop" bottoms both at the dispenser and other locations have Emergence Procedure decals and identified as stop buttons?

  • Are the following decals in place and legible? "Stop engine" and "No Smoking"

  • Is signage for filling advertised on columns

External Safety Markers

  • Are there "HAZCHEM" signs at all entrance to site?

  • Are all dangerous steps/concrete painted yellow?

LPG Gas Tank (above ground)

  • Is LPG tank well protected? (Adequate railing/barriers)

  • Is all Emergency signage and placarding in place at the LPG tank? (Including "Flammable Gas" Dimond, no smoking, 2YE, correct emergency number)

  • Is the correct emergency contact phone number on LPG signage CALTEX 0448 830 445?

  • Is the area around the LPG tank clear of obstructions?

  • Is LPG tank in good conditions? (No evidence of damage or corrosion)

  • Is the LPG pipe work in good condition? (No evidence of damage or corrosion)

  • Is the lid/cover of the LPG tank locked?

  • Does the LPG tank fill valve posses a cap?

  • Does the pressure relief valve posses a cap?

  • Is the tank test date with in the last ten (10) years? (Record date and serial number of test)

LPG Tank Below Ground

  • Does the site have a Gatwick lifter for opening the turret lid?

  • Is the tank turret free from any water or rubbish?

  • Is the tank test date with in the last ten (10) years? (Record date of test and serial number)

  • Is the LPG fill point marked?

Air Compressor

  • Does the air compressor have proper belt guard?

  • Is the compressor being emptied of water and oil checked weekly, are records being recorded to show?

Spill Kit

  • Does the site posses a spill control kit?

  • Does the spill kit contents meet stock requirement? (Check stock levels using the checklist provided)

  • Is the spill kit located adjacent to the shop entrance on the forecourt?

  • Is the spill kit adequately identified?

Fire Extinguisher External

  • Are the fire extinguishers "dry chemical" marked with a white band?

  • Does all fire extinguishers have appropriate signage?

  • Are the extinguishers fully charged with a test date stamped on maintenance tag? (Not more then 6 months previous)

  • Are all extinguishers mounted in red boxes?

  • Does the site have a 003 key to open the fire extinguisher box?

  • Are all fire extinguishers in an appropriate location that is easily accessible?

Fire Hose Reel

  • Does the fire hose reel posses a metallic tag with dates of previous service, not more then 6 months previous?

  • Is the fire hose reel stored neatly, not tangled, free of kinks and leaks?

  • Are the operating instructions clear and legible?

  • Is the fire hose reel accessible at all times?

Fire Hydrant

  • Does the site have fire hydrant? (If no mark NA)

  • Is the hydrant easily accessible and free from hazards?

Manifest Box

  • Is the emergency information manifest box located in an easily accessible locations?

  • Is the cabinet weather proof, clearly visible and correctly labeled?

  • Is the cabinet lockable with 003 key, does the site have key on site?

  • Is the folder located in the box, is it up to date and signed off by fire authorities with in the last 5 years? (site layout drawing, manifest drawings, on and off-site emergency contact list, evaluation points, emergency procedures and current MSDS)

Decanting Gas

  • Does the site have decanting gas cylinders? (If no, please mark as NA and more to BBQ gas cylinders)

  • Is LPG decanting cylinders locked?

  • Are LPG decanting cylinders at least 5m from a source of ignition and combustible materials?

  • Are LPG decanting cylinder at least 2m from doorway, vent, or open window?

  • Are LPG decanting cylinders at least 5m from building on the neighbouring property?

  • Are LPG decanting cylinders at least 3m from a drain or pit?

  • Are LPG decanting cylinders free of any device to keep the dead mans handle open? Eg cable ties, hose clamp. REOMVE IMMEDIATELY.

  • Is there a fire extinguisher located adjacent to the filling area?

  • Are LPG Exchange cylinders at least 5m from above ground LPG tank?

  • Are LPG exchange cylinders at least 1.5m(height) & 0.5m (width) from a source of ignition, drain pit, or site boundary?

  • Are LPG exchange cylinders at least 1m from a door way, vent or open window?

  • Are LPG exchange cylinders at least 0.5m from combustible materials?

  • Are LPG exchange cylinders cage sturdy, stable and clear on at least two sides?

  • Where there are two cages are they at least 3m apart?

  • Is the dangerous goods class label (250mm square) and "flammable gas- No smoking" label on the front of the cage?

Car Wash

  • Is the car wash plant room neat and tidy wth no spills or trip hazard?

  • Is the daily/weekly car wash checklist being completed?

Tank Dipping Observations

  • Did the operator use correct PPE and 3x safety cones whilst dipping fuel tanks?

  • Did the operator use clean rag or paper towel to wipe the dip stick?

  • Did the operator position themselves facing the traffic?

  • Did the operator remove the dipstick hand over hand?

  • Did the operator dip two or three times before recording the tank dip?

  • Did the operator check if the leather seal was in place prior to replacing the dip cap?

  • Did the operator lower the dip stick gently not letting it free fall?

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