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  • Site Contact

  • Premises Address
  • Officer

  • Ref #

  • Assessment #

  • Date

  • Site conducted

  • The following site inspection report verifies compliance with the approval granted under the Health Act 1911 &
    Health (Treatment of Sewerage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974.

  • 1. Location of ATU and disposal area in accordance with approved plans and set-out dimensions accurate?

  • If not ‘as constructed’ plan requested

  • 2. System installed (ATU make & model / surface irrigation system / sub-soil disposal system) is in accordance with approved plans

  • Specify system installed

  • 3. Soil conditions on site in accordance with approval?

  • 4. ATU appropriately set-back from structure footings and boundaries (flat site)<br>(Minimum 1.2 m from boundaries and buildings)<br>(Minimum 1.8 m from surface irrigation disposal area) <br><br>Surface irrigation / sub surface irrigation appropriately set-back from structure footings and boundaries <br>(Minimum 1.8 m from open fence boundaries – for closed fencing of >1.2 m high LG may determine the distance)<br>(Minimum 1.8 m from buildings and any paved surface including driveways)<br><br>Sub-soil disposal appropriately set-back from structure footings and boundaries<br>(Minimum 1.8 m from structure footings and boundaries)<br>

  • 5. ATU function: <br><br>Appropriate water levels in all chambers<br><br>Growth media in place<br><br>Chamber aeration is operational<br><br>Sludge return is operational<br><br>Skimmer return is operational<br><br>Chlorine dispenser full and in position<br><br>High water level float and aerator alarms operational<br><br>All fittings and protective covers are secured

  • 6. Irrigation area:<br><br>Surface irrigation area minimum of 150 m² (see COP for reduced sand minimum area) and not divided into more than 2 separate areas<br><br>Irrigation area not subject to human traffic<br><br>No part of sub-strata or sub-surface irrigation area paved or built over<br><br>Spray heads keep the water plume contained within the surface disposal area and max 600 mm height<br>Sub-strata dripper system (on top of the ground) is covered with minimum 100 mm bark/ woodchip<br>Sub-surface dripper system (below soil) is buried minimum 150 mm below soil surface<br><br>Dripper irrigation system installed by manufacturer and certificate provided stating the system is in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Operation of Aerobic Treatment Units<br><br>Surface irrigation area to be suitably landscaped and completed when ATU is commissioned for use<br><br>Warning signs – minimum 2 signs stating ‘reclaimed effluent is being used and is unfit for drinking’

  • 7. Detailed ATU maintenance schedule provided by manufacturer<br><br>3 monthly maintenance schedule by authorised person in place<br><br>Maintenance reports to be forwarded to LG

  • Additional comments/ discussions held on site

  • Inspector (Name, Signature & Sign Date)

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