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Current metrix of website

  • * How many visitors does the website generate per month?

  • * How many leads does the website generate per month?

  • * How do you currently track incoming leads from your website?

  • * How well do you rate the lead quality out of 10?

  • * How would you like to increase the results from your website?

Marketing messages & website content

  • How compelling are the messages out of 10?

  • How do you rate the quality of the website content out of 10?

  • Are there compelling reasons why people should choose the company?

  • Is the business unique selling proposition clear?

  • Does the website clearly display features and benefits?

  • Are they using FAQs?

  • Could website utilize an 'our process' page?

  • Does the website use any compelling special offers?

  • Does website utilize a lead generation offer? (eg. Free consultation, audit, inspection, analysis, report)

  • Does the website utilize attention grabbing headlines?

  • Are their relevant blog articles and content?

  • Do they have correct use of testimonials?

  • Are they using an autoresponder content series?

  • Does website have video content on it?

Website design for conversion

  • How do you rate the website design for conversion out of 10?

  • How would you rate the quality of design out of 10?

  • How would you rate the wireframe layout out of 10?

  • Does website utilize an effective link navigation?

  • Are they utilizing special offer banners on home of website?

  • Has the unique selling proposition been included in the design of the website?

  • Does the website utilize a project gallery?

  • Are there any side offers being used on the website?

  • Has a side form been integrated?

  • Are there 'call to action' buttons on the website?

  • Have the 'follow us' banners been implemented?

  • Does the website have an effective opt-in mechanism implemented?

  • Is the website mobile phone and iPad ready?

  • Do they have a Facebook page designed and set up for the business?

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Use of website technology

  • * Are they getting regular reports from their website?

  • Do they use lead capture forms?

  • * Does the website have a phone call tracking system?

  • * Do they have an email marketing system in place?

  • Does the website utilize an ecommerce system?

  • * Is the website content management easy to use?

  • Can they use coupons and vouchers on the website?

Position in Google

  • Do they rank well organically in Google?

  • Do they rank well for relevant keywords?

  • Do they rank well in Google maps?

  • Are they coming up in sponsored links?

  • Are they using any onsite SEO?

  • How many offsite links does the website have?

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Ongoing marketing

  • * Are they running email marketing or newsletters?

  • * Are they doing any ongoing SEO?

  • * Are they doing any direct mail campaigns?

  • * Are they running SEM advertising?

  • * Are they running any offline advertising? (TV, print or radio)

  • * Are they doing any conversion optimization?

  • Are they doing flash deals?

  • * Do they have a yearly budget for advertising and marketing?

  • * Are they doing any telemarketing?

  • * What's the most and least they will pay per lead?

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