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  • MICU ,CCU, CTICU, LTICU, 6th Floor, 7th Floor

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  • Case sheet has admission slip?

  • In case ER, Is Dr.Initial Assessment complete

  • Triage form completed?

  • ER Nurses Notes completed

  • ER - Fall Risk, Skin assessment, Pain assessment complete

  • ER - Drug orders, Investigation orders details completed

  • ER Transfer Summary Completed

  • Reconciliation of Drugs completed

  • Ward / ICU Dr.Initial assessment completed

  • Ward / ICU Nurses Initial assessment completed?

  • Progress Reports properly labelled, dated, Timed & signed

  • Nurses daily Assessment- Fall, Braden, Mews, Patient Education I/O, Vitals chart properly labelled , documented

  • Is Investigation chart present & Documented legibly

  • Diabetic chart documented legibily

  • Medication chart written as per prescription

  • Nurses reports properly labelled, dated, Timed & Signed

  • Nutritional Screening done properly in admission

  • Nutritional Assessment by Dietician is happened

  • If surgical Management surgical booklet is completed

  • Billing Card updated properly


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