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  • Audit Title: On-site Sewage Management (OSSM)>Container 537-05

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  • Ballina Shire Council OSSM Officer

Operating OSSM System Details

  • Distance to the nearest watercourse (m)

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of residents

  • Slope (%)

  • Number of tanks

  • Tank diameter (mm)

  • Tank volume/s

  • Water source

  • System age

  • Nearest house (m)

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OSSM System Surrounding Environment Condition

  • Is there vegetation present?

  • Is there native vegetation dieback?

  • Do you need to remove vegetation around and in the tank to improve access for maintenance?

  • Is there weed infestation?

  • Is there localised flood potential?

  • Is there erosion potential?

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OSSM Tank Condition

  • Is there any indication of cracks, staining or leaks around the perimeter of the septic tank and/or pump well and/or holding tank?

  • Are there any gaps between the tank and the lid?

  • Is the tank lid suitable for the tank?

  • Does the tank have easily accessible inspection caps?

  • Are the inspection caps present and unbroken?

  • Has the primary septic tank been desludged in the last five years?

  • Does the tank need desludging (is the sludge level high or near the bottom of the inlet)?

  • Is any air vent attached to the septic tank/holding well in a functional state?

  • Is the tank in good condition, eg no cracks, leaks, damaged lids or walls?

  • Does tank need urgent repair/replacement due to major structural failure or undersizing?

  • Does the tank have a scum or crust layer?

  • Has the outlet filter been cleaned recently?

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OSSM Tank Pumps

  • Does the pump operate when needed? Note. Trigger the float switches to check operation.

  • Does the alarm work?

  • Has the pump been serviced in the last 12 months?

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OSSM Tank Pipes

  • Are the pipes connecting the OSSM tank, pump well and/or holding well, or septic tank and trench, functioning and installed correctly?

  • Are there any unsealed pipes that allow untreated wastewater to escape?

  • Does internal pluming fixtures and fitting discharge to the tank?

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry

  • Bathroom 1

  • Bathroom 2

  • Ensuite

  • WC/toilet 1

  • WC/toilet 2

  • WC/toilet 3

  • Grease trap installed

  • Grease trap operational

  • Shed/cottage/extra

  • Comments

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Comments, Actions or Repairs Required

  • Comments, Actions or Repairs Required: Where a response in the above checklist needs extra information or action, specify the action plan and/or the process to fix the problem, or specify an alternative that is being offered.

I have read this report and understand the contents.

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  • Ballina Shire Council
    Development and Environmental Health Group
    40 Cherry Street
    BALLINA NSW 2478

    Telephone: (02) 6686 1210
    Email: council@ballina.nsw.gov.au
    PO Box 450 BALLINA NSW 2478


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