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Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

Identify customer patterns

  • Compare the number of first-time buyers compared to repeat customers.

  • Determine peak purchasing times.

  • Find out what the popular items or services are.

  • Learn what the popular price points are.

Study the business’s marketing

  • Look at past and current marketing tactics.

  • Review the business’s previous sales and discounts, along with how well the promotions did.

  • Go over how much the business spends on marketing and calculate the ROI.

  • Learn the results of past marketing efforts.

Conduct a market analysis

  • Research the demographics of the surrounding area and the business’s target customers.

  • Study the geographic economic outlook.

  • Find out who are the business’s competitors.

Find out how people perceive the business

  • Learn what customers and potential customers, suppliers, and lenders think about the business.

Research industry trends

  • Find out if the business’s industry is growing or slowing.

  • Research profit margins for the industry.

Learn more about the business’s competitors

  • Look at each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Compare the competitor’s products, costs, and earnings to those of the business you want to acquire.

  • Determine any threats competitors pose to the business.

  • Find out how much market share each competitor holds.


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