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Scaffolding Safety Discussion

Common scaffold hazards include unstable bases, inadequate footings and cross bracing, unsafe access and absence of guardrails and defective platforms.

Here are general requirements on safety precaution:
• All scaffolds are to be capable of supporting, without failure, at least 4 times the maximum intended load.
• Never allow debris/materials to collect on scaffold.
• Always use netting to catch anything that falls.
• Make sure scaffold is secure.
• Do not stand on ties, guardrails, or extensions.
• Do not overreach outside the guardrails.
• Stay off scaffold during loading or unloading.
• Replace guardrails after loading or unloading.
• Use 3-point climbing.
• Don’t hang tarps without evaluation.
• Exit mobile scaffolds before moved.
• Always wear fall protection to avoid accidents.

Follow up questions

Are there any reported damaged scaffold?

Take a photo of damaged scaffold

Is the scaffold removed from service?

Is there any hazard happened during the shift?

What are those hazards?

Any question or comment about these safety precautions?

What are the questions needs to clarify?

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