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P2: Project Management

  • 2.1 Is project management established with a project organization?

  • 2.2 Are all resources required for the project implementation planned and available and are changes reported?

  • 2.3 Is there a project plan and has it been agreed with the customer?

  • 2.4 Is the advance product quality planning implemented within the project and monitored for compliance?

  • 2.5 Are the procurement activities of the project implemented and monitored for compliance?

  • 2.6 Is change management within the project ensured by the project organization?

  • 2.7 Is there an escalation process established and is this effectively implemented?

P3: Planning the product and process development

  • 3.1 Are the specific product and process requirements available?

  • 3.2 Is the feasibility comprehensively evaluated according to the product and process requirements?

P4: Implementation of the product and process development

  • 4.1 Are the actions from the product and process development plans implemented?

  • 4.3 Are the material resources available and suitable to ensure the start of serial production?

  • 4.4 Are the required approvals and releases for the product and process development available?

P5: Supplier Management

  • 5.1 Are only approved and quality-capable suppliers used?

  • 5.2 Are customer requirements taken into account in the supply chain?

  • 5.4 Are the necessary releases available for purchased products and services?

  • 5.5 Is the agreed upon quality of purchased products and services ensured?

  • 5.6 Are incoming goods delivered and stored appropriately?

P6: Process Analysis/Production

  • 6.1.1 Has the project been transferred from development to serial production and is a reliable start guaranteed?

6.2 Are all production processes controlled? Process management

  • 6.2.1 Are the specifications of the control plan complete and have they been effectively implemented?

  • 6.2.2 Does a repeat release for the restart of production take place?

  • 6.2.3 Are special characteristics managed in the production?

  • 6.2.4 Are non-released and/or defective parts managed?

6.3 What functions support the process? Personnel resources

  • 6.3.1 Are the employees able to fulfil their given tasks?

  • 6.3.3 Are the necessary personnel resources available?

6.4 What means are used to implement the process? Material resources

  • 6.4.1 Can the product-specific requirements from the customer be met with the manufacturing equipment?

  • 6.4.2 Is the maintenance of the manufacturing equipment and tools controlled?

  • 6.4.3 Can the quality requirements be effectively monitored with the measurement and test facilities in use?

  • 6.4.4 Are the work and inspection stations appropriate for the needs?

6.5 How effective is the process being carried out? Effectiveness, efficiency, waste avoidance

  • 6.5.3 In the case of deviations from product and process requirements, are the causes analysed and the corrective actions checked for effectiveness?

  • 6.5.4 Are processes and products audited regularly?

6.6 What should the process produce? Process result (output)

  • 6.6.2 Are products / components stored in an appropriate manner and are transport facilities / packing arrangements suitable for the special characteristics of the products / components?

  • 6.6.4 Are customer requirements met at the delivery of the final product?

7.1 Are all requirements related to QM-System, product and process fulfilled?

  • 7.2 Is customer service guaranteed?

  • 7.3 Is the supply of parts guaranteed?

  • 7.4 If there are deviations from quality requirements or complaints, are failure analyses carried out and corrective actions implemented effectively?

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