Take an Image of Tank
Current Utilisation %

Clean Filter Bag

Clean Filter Bag Notes

Leaf Basket

Leaf Basket Notes

Clean out First Flush Diverter

Clean Out First Flush Diverter Notes

Clean Stainless Steel Tube

Check Stainless Steel Tube Notes

Clean Base of Tank

Clean Base of Tanks Notes

Clean Inlet Water Quality

Check Inlet Water Quality Notes

Check Backflow

Check Backflow Notes

Check for Groundwater

Check for Groundwater Notes

Check Pump Connections

Check Pump Connections Notes

Pump Rectification

Pump Rectification Notes

Check Pipework through Wall

Check Pipework through Walls Notes

Check Seals around Tank & Lid

Check Seals around Tank & Lid Notes

Treatment in Millilitres Added

Treat Water Notes

Take an Image of Control Box

Controller Type

Box Condition

Box Condition Notes

Secure to Wall

The Box is not Secured Properly to the Wall

Connecting Pipework OK

There is a Problem with the Connecting Pipework

No Leaks

Leaks have been Identified

Flow Switch Operation

An Issue with the Flow Switch Operation has been Identified

Pump Operation & Pressure

An Issue with the Pump's Operation & Pressure has been Identified

Pump Pressure

Limiting Valve Pressure


LED Working

LED Indicators are not Functioning Properly

Check Outlet Filters

An Issue with Outlet Filters has bee Identified

Valves & "Y" Strainers Fitted

An Issue with the Valves & "Y" Strainers has been Identified

Overall Comments

We Recommend the Next Scheduled Service Occurs at

Client Agrees to Next Schedule Service

Signed by Technician
Date & Time

$ Amount

Name on Card

Expiry Date


Card Number

Client Credit Card Signature
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