Title Page

  • Name of crew member

  • Date of familiarization

  • Signature crew member

Crew Familiarisation

Location crew member

  • location crew members cabin/bed

  • location and description crew members life jacket

  • location nearest fire extinguisher

  • location emergency call point

  • location other firefighting equipment

  • escape routes

  • safety plan and other vessel specific personal life savings appliances

Boat safety information

  • briefed about all on board safety information symbol, signs, alarms signal

  • actions to be taken when detecting fire or smoke, raising the alarms

  • location and understanding of muster list and the location of the personal muster station

  • briefed on procedure "Man Overboard"

  • specific emergency duties assigned in case of guest care

  • operation and understanding of vessel's internal communication system

  • assignment of station & duties for berthing/un-berthing, mooring and un-mooring

Personal and general information

  • Familiarization tour through vessel (Deck, engine , accommodation)

  • location workplace

  • permitted area / personal freedom on board while guest on/off board

  • introduction to ISM system, Safety & Environmental Policy (SEP),Designate person and safety officer

  • location and understanding of vessels procedures and forms

  • introduction to drug & alcohol policy (incl. personal perspective medicine)

  • briefing standing orders

  • issue and check of crew member's uniform and/or safety working clothes

  • personal cabin control - all cabin items in good order, introduction to personal cabin , hygiene, tidinss, sharing etc.

  • introduction of the new employer to all crew members

  • introduction to the vessel security policy and designated duties

  • issue and registration of vessels keys


  • Have you been given adequate familiarization of the boat? Write your name and affix Crew Signature

  • Captain's Signature

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