• Property Address:

  • Inspection Conducted On:

  • Report Completed On:

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Inspection Report

Property Exterior

  • External Property Picture

  • The Condition of the External Decoration is:

  • From ground level, does the roof look in acceptable condition?

  • General condition of soffits and guttering.

  • Are the windows in acceptable condition?

  • Are the grounds in acceptable condition?

  • Is the garden in an acceptable condition?

  • Does the tenant(s) wish to report any issues on the exterior of the property?

  • Inspectors Summary of Property Exterior.

Property Interior

  • The tenants are maintaining their home in...

  • Are the floor coverings in acceptable condition?

  • Is the decoration in acceptable condition?

  • Is the condition and cleanliness of the kitchen in acceptable condition?

  • Is the cleanliness and condition of the kitchen appliances in acceptable condition?

  • The condition of the oven and the hob is...

  • Is the condition and cleanliness of the bathroom in acceptable condition?

  • Does the tenant(s) wish to report anything on the interior of the property?

  • Inspectors Summary of Property Interior.

Property Safety

  • Does the property have smoke detectors fitted on each floor?

  • Are there any solid fuel burning appliances within the property?

  • The tenants have reported that there are no obvious risks to the property, tenancy or tenants due to issues with the Heating, Insulation and draught proofing?

  • The property has sufficient extraction in the bathroom and kitchen?

  • The property is free of signs of unauthorised habitants living within?

  • The property is free from malicious damage, negligence, misuse to property and furniture (if any)?


  • Are there currently any rent issues.

  • Are there any pets?

  • During the visit there were no further issues immediately apparent to report.


  • Your tenant has indicated that they are looking to stay at the property for

  • This is because

  • This is because

  • The general condition of the property is

  • Works that may be required at the end of the tenancy are

  • This is because

Further action

  • Action required as a result of this report is

  • Inspectors signature

  • This report was completed during a cursory visit of the above property. The visit lasted approximately ten minutes and did not involve any furniture or other personal possessions being moved.The opinions provided within this report are based on our experience as property managers. Any opinion given relating to structural or technical matters are intended as a guide only, a professional in their own field may contradict the opinion expressed in this report.

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