Title Page

  • Block Address

  • Inspected on

  • Inspected by


  • Are all keys in the keybox?

  • Are any gutters blocked / overflowing?

  • Are the boundary walls / fences sound?

  • Are the grounds well kept?

  • Is the external brickwork/render clean?

  • Does the roof, gutters and down pipes appear in good condition?

  • Is the Bin Store clear of any side waste and large items?

  • Are any vehicular gates operational?

  • Are any damages noted externally?


  • Is there a No Smoking sign present?

  • Is there a Fire Action notice present?

  • Are all the lights working?

  • Is there a cleaning sign in sheet present?

  • Do all communal fire doors close automatically?

  • Are the communal areas clean?

  • Any issue with the lift(s)?

  • Are any items stored inappropriately in communal areas (note flat number) or electrical cupboards?

  • Take a meter reading

  • Is the block well decorated?

  • Is there any damage or safety issues - walls, stairs, carpets etc?

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