Wall Inspection

Patio room audit. Wall inspection


Attachment to deck with correct fasteners and sealant

Attachment to wall with correct fasteners and sealant

Header attachment with correct fasteners and sealant

Panel skin edges are prepped with rubbing alcohol before sealant is applied

Roof attachment -studio

Roof attachment -Gable

Correct use of extrusions , expander, fascia

Correct number and location of fasteners per CES engineering


Correct screen and door and lock operation

Only approved cleaners used

Frame members are level and plumb

Bottom sash tracks are crowned 1/16th

All frame members sealed

Sealant is correctly tooled

Roof screwed in place top and bottom before leaving job

Deadlite clips - 2 on the door - top and center

Deadlite -1each window in center- hide jamb hole


Weep holes drilled

Glass and room cleaned

Use only approved cleaning products :409, oxy-clean,mr clean, magic sponge,champion glass cleaner

Lacquer thinner not used

Commentary on the wall section

Roof inspection

Roof inspection

Roof inspections

Roof panels prepped for sealant with rubbing alcohol along edges

Roofing attachments sealed with correct sealant ( champion logo manus)

Roof flashing installed

Roof shingles only applied to OSB roof panel

Felt and shingles attached per local codes

Roof overhang is 6" min to 1' max

Gable tie -in to existing roof

Ridge beam correctly attached to gable

Panel hanger attached to ridge beam with 5/16 x 3" lag screws per roof load requirements

Panel attached to header arm per uplift loads per CES engineering specifications

Header to header arm attached per CES engineering specifications

Header attached to corner post connections per CES engineering specifications

Header attached to panel transom per CES engineering specifications

Center post attached to beam per CES engineering specifications

Valley flashing installed per local codes

Ice and snow installed at valleys

Attachment of ridge beam per CES engineering specifications

Commentary of the roofing section

Deck inspection

Deck inspection

Crew name and job. Name


Footers per local code

Post to footing connection either elevated post embedded with connector embedded in pier/ footer or standoff anchored with 2" diameter pin per CES standards

Post notched to connect with beam per CES standards

End post connected to beam per CES standards

Decks over 4' tall require bracing per CES engineering

Deck ledger attached to existing home with 1/2 x 3 1/2 lag bolts center to center into wood framing

Structural attachment to existing deck caulked and fastened per CES engineering standards


Decks over 8' tall have required special engineering

Poly deck attached to beams and ledgers per CES specifications mill aluminum is in contact with pressure treated lumber

Vapor barrier stainless steel or hot zinc dipped screws are used

Framing connectors are hot dipped galvanized steel per CES specifications


Deck is level and square

Edges are wrapped

3/4" plywood or OSB overlay properly nailed to deck framing members

Over all fit and finish

Commentary for deck section.

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