Condition of Premises

  • Are the floors even and free of trip hazards?

  • Are the walls in an acceptable condition - consider the paint, damage, water ingress etc.?

  • Are the windows in an acceptable condition - consider can all be opened from the ground (using a pole or not), all fit correctly, no draughts etc.?

  • Where necessary are window restrictors fitted, working and in a good condition?

  • Is the lighting bright enough in all areas of the room/corridor etc. for the activities which take in this location?

  • Did the Glazing Risk Assessment highlight issues/concerns within this department/area? If yes has appropriate action been taken?

  • Is the access and exit routes fully accessible and in a good condition - consider ramps, handrails, steps, etc.?

  • If appropriate, are fingers guards fitted to doors and are they in an acceptable condition?

  • Is the heating adequate and if necessary is it protected to prevent the risk of burns to young people?

  • Is the ventilation adequate?

  • Are all electrical sockets in an acceptable condition - consider the wall sockets and light switches are they cracked or broken etc.?

  • Are there adequate electrical sockets for the activites of the location - consider if extension or multi-adaptors are in use?

  • Has an Asbestos Management Survey been carried out in this area?

  • If yes, is the asbestos in an acceptable condition?

  • Did the Building Condition Survey Report highlight issues/concerns within the department/area? If yes has appropriate action been taken?

Condition of Furniture and Fixtures

  • Are the desks and chairs a suitable size for the pupils?

  • Is there a suitable desk and chair for the staff who use the room?

  • Are the desks and chairs in a good condition - consider no damage, stable, cushions covered, glades or wheels working, plastic feet covers etc.)?

  • Are there adequate cupboards, shelves, storage boxes etc.?

  • Are the cupboards, shelves etc. secure to the wall/floor?

  • Are the cupboards, shelves etc. tidy and accessible - consider can you tell what is in each box, how heavy it is, can you access from the ground, is there other items in the way, are there other items to climb over, is there enough room to move around, etc.?

  • Is there enough space in the area for the activities which take place in the department/area?

  • Are there blinds and/or curtains in place to protect persons from glare, heat or the sun, if yes are they in an acceptable condition?

  • Are all electrical items in an acceptable condition - consider the casting, cable, plug, location etc.?

  • Are all electrical items on the school electrical register?

  • Are all electrical items "portable appliance tested" (PAT) in line with the Health & Safety Executive guidance?

General Issues

  • Have trolleys been provided to move heavy items - consider tv, books, boxes, etc.?

  • Has a small (2 or 3 step) step ladder or elephant foot step stool been provided for use - consider displays, high shelves, washing lines etc.?

  • Are all electrical and computer cables well controlled - consider not in a walk way, cable tied, etc.?

  • Are all computers/laptops placed on a suitable desk/location - consider is it balanced, desk secure, depth of desk is suitable, height of desk is suitable, space under the desk for legs, chair is adjustable etc.?

  • Have pupils been provided with guidance on the safe use and setting up of a computer, laptop or tablet?

  • Have staff completed an assessment for the use and setting up of their computer, laptop and/or tablet?

  • Has equipment designed to get hot (laminator, baby belling cookers, microwave, etc.) been suitable assessed (risk assessment in place) - consider location, used by, moving off etc.?

  • Does the department/area have any specific equipment, for example a kiln, fume cupboard, pillar drill, gym mats, trampoline and other PE equipment etc. Does the equipment require a service/maintenance by a competent contractor, is the equipment regularly checked in house, are the records and inspections up to date, etc.?

  • Is the housekeeping (cleaning) acceptable within the department/area?

Outside Space

  • Is the playground in a good condition - consider the surface, no grit, damaged surface, excessive leafs, sand etc.?

  • Are the toys and other play equipment in a good condition - consider broken or damaged storage facilities, missing pedals, sharp edges, broken toys etc.?

  • Did the Playground Inspection Report highlight any issues or concerns, if yes has appropriate action been taken?

  • Is the fencing secure for the designated areas - consider each age group etc.?

  • Is the fencing in an acceptable condition - consider sharp edges, broken wood, etc.?

Fire & First Aid

  • Are the fire door(s) accessible at all times - consider not locked with a key or is unlocked during hours of use, easily opened, not blocked by furniture, waste etc.?

  • Is there signs to indicate the nearest fire exit route - consider do they give clear direction and lead to the nearest external exit etc.?

  • Is there a "Fire Action Notice" fixed next to the fire call point and does it give clear instruction on what to do - for example the location of the assemble point?

  • Is there suitable fire fighting equipment for the department/location - consider the activities and then the types of fire extinguisher present?

  • Did the Fire Risk Assessment highlight any issues or concerns within the department/area, if yes has appropriate action been taken?

  • Have all pupils and staff received suitable fire information/training for their needs - consider when the what and when the information was last provided?

  • Is there a suitable first aid kit for the department/location or it is located centrally?

  • Is the contents of the first aid kit acceptable - consider the activities of the department/location, are all products in date, are all products un-open and clean, is the kit held in a suitable container and is it clearly marked with a green/white cross?

  • Is the body spillage kit available and are the contents acceptable - consider granules, disinfectant, gloves, apron, scoop, risk assessment/instruction for staff etc.?

General Observations

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Action(s) to be taken and by who

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