1.0 General Housekeeping

  • Area is neat and orderly. No trash on floor or in area. Tools and equipment are properly stored. Cords and hoses are routed to reduce potential for tripping and put away when not in use.

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2.0 PPE

  • 2.1 All workers wearing safety glasses?

  • 2.2 All workers wearing safety shoes?

  • 2.3 All workers wearing hearing protection?

  • 2.4 Face shield being worn for grinding?

  • 2.5 Fall protection properly used when required?

3.0 Access to exits

  • 3.1 Clear path to exits maintained?

  • 3.2 Clear path from exit discharge maintained?

4.0 Chemicals

  • 4.1 Chemicals are properly labeled?

  • 4.2 Containers are closed when not in use?

  • 4.3 Compressed gas bottles are secured to prevent tipping over?

  • 4.5 No gaps in paint booth filters?

  • 4.6 Hazardous waste drums are kept closed?

  • 4.7 Hazardous waste drums are labeled "HAZARDOUS WASTE" and label has accumulation start date?

  • 4.8 SDS are available electronically in the area?

  • 4.9 Workers know how to access SDS?

5.0 Machinery

  • 5.1 Is machinery kept clean?

  • 5.2 Floors around machines are kept clean?

  • 5.3 Guards are used on handheld grinders?

  • 5.4 Machine guards are in place and interlocks are functioning?

6.0 Fire Protection

  • 6.1 Extinguishers in place and placed on hanger?

  • 6.2 Access to fire extinguishers is free of obstructions?

  • 6.3 Flammables/Combustibles protected from ignition sources?

7.0 Building Safety

  • 7.1 Walkways kept clear and uncluttered?

  • 7.2 Intersections kept clear of debris?

  • 7.3 Liquid spills removed and cleaned up?

8.0 Workbenches/Table tops/Tool Boxes

  • 8.1 Clean, well organized?

  • 8.2 Tools neatly stored and put away when not in use?

  • 8.3 Tools in good condition?

9.0 Storage Areas

  • 9.1 Materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

  • 9.2 Floors around racking clear of debris?

  • 9.3 General condition of racks and pallets?

10.0 Electrical

  • 10.1 Access to electrical panels is maintained?

  • 10.2 Clear access to 480v disconnects maintained?

  • 10.3 No double adapters in use?

  • 10.4 No exposed live parts? (Bare wires)

  • 10.5 Cords, plugs and receptacles are in good condition?

  • 10.6 Cords are protected from being run over?

  • 10.7 Cords are routed in a manner to prevent a tripping hazard?

11.0 Ladders

  • 11.1 Ladders designed for industrial applications?

  • 11.2 Ladders in good condition?

  • 11.3 Ladders used properly? (Step ladders fully opened and locked/extension ladders tied off and top set 3' above exit point)

12.0 Mobile Equipment

  • 12.1 Tires in good condition?

  • 12.2 No fluid leaks?

  • 12.3 Generally in good repair?

  • 12.4 Used properly?

  • 12.5 Seat belts and Fall Protection used when applicable?

13.0 Overhead Cranes

13.1 Hook

  • 13.1.1 Safety latch present and in good condition?

  • 13.1.2 Hook not spread open?

  • 13.1.3 Hook tip in alignment?

13.2 Wire Rope

  • 13.2.1 No broken wires?

  • 13.2.2 No kinks?

13.3 Pendant

  • 13.3.1 Buttons legibly labeled?

  • 13.3.2 Buttons function properly?

  • 13.3.3 Strain relief in place?

13.4 Rigging

  • 13.4.1 Rigging in good general condition?

  • 13.4.2 Slings properly tagged with performance data?

  • 13.4.3 All end of hook devices, shackles, plate clamps, magnets, etc, clearly labeled with SWL?

  • 13.4.4 Parts properly rigged?

  • 13.4.5 Softeners used where required?

  • 13.4.6 Come-A-Longs in good condition? Hooks not spread? Ratchet working properly?

14.0 Body Position

  • 14.1 Workers not placing all or parts of their bodies in harm's way. I.E. Under a suspended load, between a fixed object and load, hands in locations where there is a high risk of pinching, smashing or lacerations.


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