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Employer Information

Parthenon Facilities Management Limited
Regency House
45-43 Chorley New Road
BL1 4 QR

Contractual Terms

Job Title

Site Name

Start Date

Days Worked

Pay Per Clean Rate £ (this is the amount you will be paid per day NOT per hour

Principal Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment

Terms & Conditions

We issued you with this statement on to comply with the provisions of the
Employment Rights Act 1996. This and our employee handbook are the prime
documents that set out your terms and conditions of employment.
Job Flexibility

We expect you to adopt a flexible approach to your work pattern and location. You must carry out reasonable alternative duties, possibly at other locations, where necessary. We are dependent on this flexibility to adapt to the changing nature and volume of work. This helps to
protect the future of the organisation and your employment.

You contractual place of work is unassigned and you are required to attend work wherever is deemed reasonable to the address you have provided in this contract.
Third Party Pressure

Your ongoing employment may be conditional on the approval and continuing support of third party clients. This is particularly influential where you work at or have occasion to visit their premises. If clients withdraw support for you to at tend their premises, we have no alternative other than removing you. To facilitate this, we may suspend you with pay if necessary. If a client alleges misconduct or lack of capability on your part, we will investigate their
complaint. If we believe further action is necessary, we will utilise the provisions of our disciplinary/capability procedure. In the most serious cases, we may summarily dismiss you. We do this where, following investigation, we believe your actions amounted to gross misconduct. Where a client withdraws their support, it may not be possible for you to work with them in any event. In such circumstances we will consider possible alternatives to maintain your
employment. If in our sole opinion no suitable alternatives exist, we reserve the right to terminate your employment.
Probationary Employment

Your initial three months of employment is probationary. During this period we will review with you your performance and suitability. We hope to confirm your employment following such review. Sometimes it may be necessary to extend the probationary period with your knowledge. We may also terminate your employment if you do not reach the standards we require.
Particulars of the Employment

Hours, rate of pay and work location are outlined in this agreement. However we reserve the right to change these depending on needs of the business. Notice given is a minimum of 1 week and 1 weeks notice for every years service.
Collective Agreements

There are no collective agreements affecting your terms and conditions of employment.
Hours of Work

You normally work hours per week on the following days stated in this contract . You normally work between 0800hrs and 1000hrs unless stated otherwise by your line manager.
Daily Rest Break

When you work six or more hours on any day, you must take a 15 minute unpaid break. You must have specific regard to our business needs when you take such breaks.
Additional Hours

We may occasionally expect you to work beyond the hours you normally work. We only do this if there is urgent business need. We recognise such work with paid time off in lieu or a compensatory payment. Compensation for additional hours will reflect your basic rate of pay. We must authorise such hours in advance.

Your wage is currently paid monthly (5th) in arrears. We pay you by credit transfer. We will provide you with a detailed pay statement every month.

If we pay you incorrectly (under pay) we will ensure the difference is paid by or on the next pay run.

If we pay you incorrectly (over pay) you authorise us to deduct the additional amount by or on the next pay run.
Deductions from Pay

We can require you to repay to us, by deduction from pay or any other method acceptable to us:
Reasonable losses to property or monies sustained by us, any other employee, our clients, customers or visitors. This applies when due to your carelessness, negligence, recklessness, breach of procedures/rules or dishonesty/commission of an unlawful act.
Insurance excesses imposed by our insurers because of your act or omission or a penalty imposed upon you. An example of this is the potential impact of penalty points for those who drive our vehicles.
Any damages, expenses or other monies reasonably payable by us to a third party for your act or omission.
Remuneration, expenses or other payments made in error or by your inappropriate claim/misrepresentation.
Holiday pay already paid which exceeds your accrued holiday entitlement at the date of leaving our employment.
The reasonable cost of replacing equipment and/or property entrusted to you during employment. This applies if you fail to maintain it properly or do not return it before leaving our employment. A £10 deduction will be retained from your final pay for non returned uniforms
An amount equal to our reasonable loss or the extra cost of covering your duties should you fail to work your full contractual notice. This applies when you leave our employment early without our agreement.
Attachment of earnings orders and any other statutory deductions orders issued to us.
Fines or fixed penalty notices for parking, congestion charges etc you incur while driving our vehicles.
Costs resulting from any training agreement you have signed, should you leave our employment before it expires.
Any other sums you owe including, but not limited to, outstanding loans, advances and relocation expenses.
Deduction Procedure

We set out details of our pay deduction procedure in the employee handbook.
Deduction Procedure

We set out details of our pay deduction procedure in the employee handbook.
Place of Work

Your administrative workbase is currently flexible. You are not assigned a specific place of work rather than offered a placement in a site of our choice.
We can require you to work at any reasonable operational location, now or in the future. Your place of work may include one or more of our clients’ sites. We will normally ensure any such site is within reasonable proximity of your home or this location. Where such assignments are offered we expect that you will accept them. We may also offer you assignments further away from
your home or this location. You have the option to accept or reject such assignments. We may not be able to provide you with alternative work should you refuse such assignments
Holiday Year

Our holiday year begins on the start of January and ends on end of December .
Holiday Entitlement

Your paid annual holiday entitlement is in line with government legislative minimum for the complete holiday year. Accrual for those who work part-time or those who work less than a full year is calculated pro-rata. We identify provisions relating to public/bank holidays in the following section. There are other related policies and general conditions regarding holidays in
the employee handbook.
Public/Bank Holidays

New Year’s Day
Last Monday in May
Good Friday
Last Monday in August
Easter Monday
Christmas Day
First Monday in May Boxing Day
*All the days above are paid at a single rate

We consider the above public/bank holidays to be part of your statutory holiday provision. Sometimes a bank holiday falls on a weekend. When this happens, the Government announces a substitute weekday in lieu.
Where a public/bank holiday falls on one of your working days, we offset it against your holiday entitlement. You must normally be contracted/scheduled to work that day for it to qualify as holiday. You receive your normal basic rate of pay for eligible bank holidays. We may occasionally need you to work on a public/bank holiday. We will pay you for working in this event. You will also receive compensatory time off with pay. You must take this at a later, mutually agreeable date within the current l eave year. If you become ill when scheduled to work a bank holiday, we will deal with this through our sickness procedure.
Holiday Pay

We calculate your holiday pay using your normal contractual weekly hours at your basic rate of pay.

Holidays are taken using a holiday form by email only. Failure to do so will result in your holiday pay being withheld. Your leave will be marked down as unpaid unauthorised leave.

Your email should be sent to your line manager 2 weeks before your holiday period. For your holiday to be accepted by the company a reply will be sent by your line manager within this 2 week period clearly stating your
Statutory Sick Pay & Sickness

We pay statutory sick pay (SSP) providing you qualify under current statutory regulations. If you do not comply with our sickness procedures we may withhold payment. You must verbally notify your line manager within 2 hours of any sickness (not text). Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. 1st time, verbal, 2nd time written and 3rd time final written warning finally resulting in your dismissal. If you have a sickness period for longer than a month will result in your ability to perform your role brought into question and may result in your dismissal. More than 3 sickness days within a 3 month period will result in your ability to perform the role brought into question and may result in your dismissal. This is at the companies disgression.

Long term sickness is required as a period of more than 2 consecutive weeks. You will be required to attend an attendance and absence meeting where we will review your role within the company on economical grounds. A date will be set for your return that we deem reasonable and failure to attend work on this date may result in you leaving the business.

Pension Provisions

Statutory workplace pension provisions are currently changing. Details of our provisions are set out in the employee handbook.
Notice of Termination to be Given by Us

Under one month’s service - nil
Prior to successful completion of probation – nil
Following successful completion of probation but less than two years' service - two weeks

Notice of Termination to be Given by You
Under one month’s service – nil
Prior to successful completion of probation – nil
Thereafter - two week's written notice
Additional Notice Provisions
Your contract of employment remains in force during the notice period. However, we may require you not to attend your normal place of work
. We may require you not to perform your regular duties. We may provide reasonable alternatives. We may let you stay at home (garden
leave). This is all at our absolute discretion.
You must remain available for us to contact you and to work if we wish. You may not take any alternative employment during this period except with our express written consent. We may expect you to take any accrued annual leave.

We may make a payment in lieu of notice at our absolute discretion. Where we offer such payment, subsequent discovery of any repudiatory breach of contract on your part will lead to revocation. Where payment has already been made and we discover such conduct, we have the right to seek recovery.
Disciplinary Rules and Procedures

We set out the disciplinary rules and procedures which apply to your employment in the employee handbook.

Disciplinary Appeal Procedure

You have the right to appeal regarding any disciplinary action we take against you. You must appeal in writing. We set out further details in the employee handbook.

Grievance Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with something relating to your work/employment, you must initially raise the matter in writing. You may invoke our formal grievance procedure. We set out further details in the employee handbook.

This principal statement and our employee handbook specify important matters about your employment. In the event of any difference between
the two documents, the wording of this principal statement takes precedence.

I accept this employment on the terms and conditions identified above. I have also read the employee handbook dated. I understand and accept that these are the prime documents setting out my terms and conditions of employment. I will ensure I remain aware of their contents.I acknowledge that the organisation and/or its third party representatives retain personal data about me. I am aware that such data may be paper based and/or stored electronically. I give my permission for such data to be processed in a fair and lawful manner. I acknowledge that legislation requires my employer to enrol eligible jobholders into an auto-enrolment workplace pension scheme. Subject to my eligibility, I give permission to deduct my contributions from my salary/wages. Such deduction is subject to my right to opt-out of these provisions as prescribed by statute.
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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.