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WHS Inspection

Previous Monthly Inspection

  • Have all items from the previous monthly inspection been completed, or if not completed, is there an agreed action plan to complete with a responsible person and due date assigned?

Car Parks

  • Is the current PGP "condition of entry" signage clearly located and in good condition?

  • Is speed restriction sigange clearly located & in good condition?

  • Is line marking; including pedestrian crossings, directional arrows, etc. in place and appropriate?

  • What is the condition in terms of wear and tear of the existing line markings?

  • Are all kerbs & wheel stops etc. clearly delineated from the road surface (with yellow paint or contrasting colours)?

  • Are all surfaces free from pot holes or other trip hazards?

  • Is there clear and unobstructed access to carpark areas for both the able and disabled person. Access for the disabled must be via (appropriately graded ramps, moving walkways or lifts)?

  • Are all protective bollards and guard rails in place and fit for purpose?

  • For car spaces adjacent to wall structures, have wheel stops been implemented?

  • Are all lights within the car park working with the area well lit and bright?

  • Have all entries to under cover car parks implemented maximum height measures and signage that is clearly visible?

  • What is the cleanliness standard of the car park(s) - e.g. cobwebs, paint condition, wall cleanliness (exhaust dust), floor grate cleanliness etc?

  • Overall assessment of the car park(s)

  • Is there adequate ventilation, air supply and exhaust systems (in accordance with the relevant standard) to prevent the build up of airborne contaminants?

  • Are CO2 monitors installed in the car parks?

  • Are the CO2 monitors working correctly?

  • Other observation or notes

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Confined Spaces

  • Are there any confined spaces in the asset?

  • Are all identified confined spaces clearly labeled including condition of entry?

  • What is the condition of the labels?

  • Other observations or notes?

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Common Area Loading Docks

  • Does the loading dock have signage clearly showing the PGP loading dock rules?

  • Is “No Public Access – Authorised Persons Only” signage placed at street entrances of all loading docks (& in good condition) to caution the public not to enter the area?

  • Are there loading dock line markings in place delineating vehicles, pedestrian walk ways and exclusion zones?

  • Is appropriate (& good condition) speed limiting signage in in all loading docks and their approaches?

  • Is signage (in good condition) installed at appropriate vantage points advising drivers to turn on their headlights (low beam) when entering loading dock areas, to increase visibility of the vehicles?

  • Is the loading dock area clean and free from rubbish or other obstructions?

  • Is there adequate firefighting equipment in the receiving areas?

  • Is there adequate ventilation, air supply and exhaust systems (in accordance with the relevant standard) to prevent the build up of airborne contaminats?

  • Overall assessment of the Loading Dock Management?

  • Are CO2 monitors installed in common area loading docks?

  • Are the CO2 monitors working correctly?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Waste Management

  • Is all waste management plant & equipment (e.g.balers, compactors etc.) well serviced & maintained, and secured form unauthorised use?

  • Is all required safety & operational signage located appropriately and in good condition for all waste management plant & equipment?

  • Are all required safety interlock devices fitted and operational?

  • Does all waste oil storage/removal areas have appropriate bundling in place?

  • Overall assessment of Waste Stream management?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Hazardous Chemicals

  • Does the asset have Asbestos?

  • Is all identified Asbestos clearly labelled?

  • Is all identified in-situ non friable Asbestos in good condition and presenting no risk?

  • Is the asset Hazardous Chemicals Register current?

  • Is a Hazardous Chemicals Manifest required for the asset?

  • If a Hazardous Chemicals Manifest is required for the asset, is it current, and do the respective Hazardous Chemicals have compliant placarding?

  • Is there a (current) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for all Hazardous Chemicals at the asset?

  • Are all Hazardous Chemicals labelled correctly?

  • Are Hazardous Chemicals stored safely and in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

External Access / Egress

  • Are all areas (paths, walkways and stairs) outside the asset in good condition and not creating a potential slip, trip or fall hazard?

  • Do all external steps and stairs have the appropriate safety measures in place including handrails, slip resistant edges and warning signs for steep or weather exposed areas?

  • Are all external access/egress areas well lit when accessed during low light conditions?

  • Overall the condition of the external walkways are?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Internal Access / Egress

  • Are all internal floors area in good condition and not creating a potential slip trip & fall hazard?

  • Is lighting adequate (natural or artificial) when persons access internal areas?

  • Is a wet weather management plan established and ready for implementation (including wet weather matting and signage)?

  • Is the wet weather matting adequate to eliminate water from foot traffic entering the mall areas?

  • What is the condition of the matting?

  • Are there any current or known water leaks requiring repair that create slip and fall risks?

  • Is there a plan in place to fix such water leaks and manage the water leaks until they are fixed?

  • Overall assessment of internal areas

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media


  • How many CCTV cameras are currently installed within the asset?

  • Are all the CCTV cameras operating correctly and providing an unobstructed view?

  • Is CCTV coverage in place for all of the assets main entries?

  • Is CCTV coverage in place within the amenities access corridors?

  • Is CCTV coverage in place for all travelators and escalators?

  • Is CCTV coverage in place within the assets food court?

  • Does the CCTV recording system retain the last 30 days (hi-resolution) of all CCTV footage recorded in the asset?

  • Are all CCTV cameras checked each day (from the control room) to ensure operational compliance (operating correctly, unobstructed view and good quality)?

  • Overall assessment of the centres CCTV coverage?

  • Other observations or notes?

Fire Protection and Emergency Response

  • Is the fire panel operational & not displaying any faults?

  • Does the EWIS maintenance log book confirm the program is being carried out correctly?

  • Are all sprinkler valves open (secured in place with with chain/leather strap) and showing correct pressure?

  • Is there adequate sprinkler head seperation maintained (500mm min) from all shelves/stock items?

  • Have all fire extinguishers, hose reels and hydrants been inspected within the past six months?

  • Do all fire extinguishers and hose reels have unobstructed access?

  • Are all fire doors clearly signed, operating effectively, have clear access internally & externally and all exit signs illuminated?

  • Are (current) emergency evacuation plans clearly displayed and correctly orientated in all required areas?

  • Has fire warden training or an evacuation drill occurred in the past six months?

  • Overall assessment of Emergency Response and Fire Protection?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Electrical Safety

  • Are all electrical distribution rooms locked and displaying compliant signage (including restricted access) on the access door(s)?

  • Is the electrical distribution room clean and free from any items not associated with its intended usage?

  • Are all portable electrical leads and adaptors of an approved type, currently tested & tagged, in good condition and protected from mechanical damage?

  • Are all General Power Outlets (GPO's) protected by Residual Current Devices (RCD) and have a compliant annual inspection?

  • Are all vending machines & Mall Merchandising Income (MMI) electrical leads currently tested & tagged?

  • Overall assessment for Electrical Safety?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Travelators and Escalators

  • Does the asset have travelators or escalators?

  • Has the equipment been appropriately registered and is the registration clearly displayed in close proximity?

  • Are all comb plates in good condition with no teeth missing?

  • Have the travelators or escalators clearly displayed (& good condition) relevant, restricted access signage for various items such as wheel chairs, prams, motor scooters etc?

  • Has a plant risk assessment has been completed and is it displayed or available within the lock box?

  • Overall assessment of Travelators and Escalators?

  • Other observations and notes?

  • Add media


  • Does the asset have lift(s)?

  • Are all lifts functioning correctly (e.g. door sensors, landing levelling and ride)?

  • Are emergency telephones functioning correctly and regularly tested

  • Is the lift motor room locked and displaying compliant restricted access signage?

  • Is the lift motor room clean and clear from rubbish and other obstructing items?

  • Is the lift motor room well ventilated with good lighting?

  • Has a plant risk assessment has been completed and is it clearly displayed within the lift motor room?

  • Overall assessment of the lift motor room(s)?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Automatic Doors

  • Are all auto doors functioning correctly?

  • Do all glass auto doors have safety decals to prevent person inadvertently walking into the glass?

  • Overall assessment of Automatic Doors?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Chillers and Air Handling Units

  • Does the asset have chillers or air handling units (AHU's)?

  • Is access to chillers or AHU's restricted to authorised person only, with clear signage indicating this?

  • Have risk assessments been completed for all chillers and AHU's, and are they up to date and easily accessible?

  • Is the access/egress to chillers and/or AHU's safe and unobstructed?

  • Is all mandatory dosing and testing of chillers and/or AHU's compliant?

  • Overall assessment of AHU and/or Chillers?

  • Other observations or notes?

Miscellaneous Plant and Equipment

  • Are other items of plant or equipment such as roller doors, motorised gates, elevated platforms etc, in good operational condition?

  • Where applicable -is access restricted to hazardous areas, with clear signage in place?

  • Has plant or equipment, requiring a risk assessment had one completed, which is up to date and readably accessible?

  • Is access/egress to miscellaneous plant and equipment safe and unobstructed?

  • Overall assessment of miscellaneous plant and equipment?

  • Has the monthly inspection of portable hand and power tools been undertaken this month?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Working at Height

  • Does all roof access and egress have compliant and appropriate fall controls in place (e.g. compliant fixed ladders and fall arrest)?

  • Are walkways installed to provide safe access to all routine equipment maintenance activities?

  • Are there compliant anchor points in place for all areas with unprotected edges that require accessing?

  • Have all anchor points been tested and certified within the past 12 months?

  • Are all roof walkways in good condition and not creating any trip or fall hazards?

  • Does the asset have portable ladders under its control?

  • If yes, how many?

  • All are ladders secured, with only authorised use allowed?

  • Overall assessment of Working at Height?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media


  • Is the cleaners room clearly signed with "authorised access only" and locked when unattended?

  • Is the cleaners room well organised, clean and tidy?

  • Is the cleaners room well ventilated with good lighting?

  • Are all chemicals stored in designated storage areas and bunded appropriately?

  • Do chemical storage rooms/areas have clear external signage and are they adequately secured/locked to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Are all chemicals clearly labelled within compliant dispensers?

  • Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) current, located in close proximity to the chemicals and easily accessible?

  • Are spill kits readily accessible, stored appropriately for easy identification and access?

  • Overall assessment of chemical and chemical storage?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

Amenities - Toilets and Parents Rooms

  • Is access and egress free from slip trip or fall hazards for all persons, including those with disabilities or limited mobility?

  • Are all amenities clean, hygienic and well stocked with supplies?

  • Is all amenity lighting and ventilation functioning correctly?

  • Are parents room change tables and accessories all in sound and safe condition?

  • Are all amenities free from graffiti or offensive material?

  • Overall assessment of the assset amenities?

  • Other observations or notes?

  • Add media

General comments / other identified WHS Risks

  • Time at the completion of the inspection

  • Signature of person who completed the WHS Inspection

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