Toolbox Meeting

Was content of Toolbox meeting clear precise, relevant and understood?

Any issues raised during toolbox talk appropriately addressed?

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) / Employees Fitness

Are all employees involved in the operation are wearing appropriate PPE?

Are all employees and contractor fit for allocated duties?

SWI / JSA / WI / Procedure

Are appropriate SWI's, JSA's, Work Instruction or Procedure available and do all employees & contractors fully understand content?

Has SWI been reviewed within the past 12 months?

Was JSA written for task that is not covered by SWI?

Have any Take 3's been completed?

Working Environment

Working area inspected for slips, trips and fall hazards?

Is power isolated / locked out in place (on powered equipment or machinery) ?

Are employees working in the immediate vicinity of suspended load? If so, are appropriate safety measures in place?

General / Additional Comment: