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This is a general monthly inspection of Booth St Pharmacy

Shop Front

  • Are proprietors’ names displayed visibly at public entrance of pharmacy?

  • Is the current certificate of registration for the pharmacy available at the pharmacy and displayed such that it is legible?

  • Are all personal and confidential paperwork (including staff contracts, personal details, etc.) all filed away in back room filing cabinet and available to owner and/or staff.

  • The air-conditioner is turned on and working to maintain internal pharmacy optimal storage temperature of 25ºC?

  • Are all staff wearing uniform and name badges?

  • Is the shop front cleared of clutter and tidy?

  • Are product displays neat and not obstructing walking areas?

  • Has all rubbish been appropriately disposed of in correct bins?

  • Do all shop front staff handling S2/S3 meds currently hold S2/S3 Certificates?

  • Is staff roster displayed clearly for all staff to see?

  • Are safe keys and token stored away appropriately and out of public sight and reach; with manager/pharmacist?

  • Are COVID hygiene and safe distancing protocols and signage clearly visible for staff and patients?


  • Are customers and staff observing safe distancing protocols?

  • Are public hand sanitizers filled and accessible at front entrance?

  • Are any staff displaying COVID related symptoms?

S3 – Pharmacist Only Medicine

  • Are all S3 medicines stored behind the counter?

  • Are all S3 medicines that contain pseudoephedrine and Rikodeine out of public sight?

  • Is Project STOP bookmarked and in use for all pseudoephedrine products?

  • Is the WWHAMPA (Who? What symptoms? How long? Actions Taken? Medications Taken AND MEDICAL CONDITIONS? Pregnancy? Allergies?) protocol being followed to ensure a therapeutic need exists and suitability met before supplying pharmacist-only medicines?

  • Is S3 monthly stock check and expiry check schedule up to date?

  • Are pharmacy address labels in stock and near S3 products?

  • Are pharmacists on duty physically handing over prescription-only medicines to patients? (not dispensary assistants/technicians)


  • Is the Pharmacist present upon opening of pharmacy?

  • Is/Are the pharmacist(s) on duty registered with AHPRA?

  • Are all pharmacists up to date with PDL registration? (or other approved insurance providers)

  • Is the PIC's name clearly displayed?

  • Are other pharmacists name/s on display?

  • Are pharmacy references and publications available and up to date in accordance with Pharmacy Council regulations? (AMH, AMH Children Dosing Companion, MIMS, MIMS - Don’t Rush to Crush, eTG, APF)

  • Is dispensary scan compliance above threshold (95%)?

  • Do all pharmacists have access to dispensing protocol/manual?

  • Is dispensary protocol affixed to wall in dispensary?

  • Is dispensary monthly stock check and expiry check schedule up to date?

  • Have the monthly claimed scripts been sorted, labelled and stored appropriately?

Cold Chain

  • Have all cold chain protocols as per SOP been followed

Dispensary - S8

  • Has the pharmacist received and signed for DD orders?

  • Have the received DD quantities been inputted into electronic DD book?

  • Are DD entries being immediately entered after being dispensed?

  • Is the Monthly S8 register stock take review up to date? Provide photo.

  • During March and September, has the pharmacist carried out a full stock-check and review of all S8 drugs of addiction?

  • For all controlled drugs that need to be destroyed, are they separately stored in the safe and clearly labelled for destruction?

  • When DD destruction occurs; is there evidence of documentation relating to the observation of such destruction by an appropriate witness (e.g. police officer)?

S8 monitoring

  • Has each script have S8 check attached?

  • Has periodic check of S8s been done as per form. Please provide photo.

  • Has the monthly retrospective check of all controlled drug transactions in electronic DD book been done to monitor for:

  • Accurate drug entries

  • Patterns of dispensing/supply

  • Unusual quantities

  • Specific high-risk Controlled Drugs: (Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Alprazolam, etc.)

  • Check any unusual intervals

  • Has the monthly retrospective check of controlled drug scripts been done to check for:

  • Script validity

  • Signs of forgery

  • Cancellation/Dating/Signing

  • For Psychostimulants: Endorsements of CNS/S28c/AU# + Appropriate Authority

  • Have the Schedule S8 Monthly Audit been done ?

  • Are the safe keys kept on the pharmacist on duty?

  • Are S8 safes locked?

  • Are safe keys kept in an approved safe when not on the pharmacist’s person (only accessible by pharmacist)?

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