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  • This audit works in conjunction with forms P 14.3 and P 14.7. Please action those prior to starting this audit

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This is a general monthly inspection of Pharmacy by Proprietor/Partner or Manager

S3 – Pharmacist Only Medicine

  • Are all S3 medicines stored behind the counter?

  • Are all S3 medicines that contain pseudoephedrine and Rikodeine out of public sight?

  • Are all S3 medicines affixed with the pharmacy address label and Label #1 (where necessary)?

  • per; PTGR clause 18 Schedule 3 substances to be supplied personally by pharmacists
    (1) A pharmacist must not supply a Schedule 3 substance to any person unless the pharmacist—
    (a) personally hands the substance to the person, and

  • Are pharmacists (not dispensary assistants/technicians) on duty personally handing over pharmacist-only medicines (S3) to patients? (when supplied without a prescription)


  • Is the PIC's name and other pharmacists names clearly displayed?

  • Are pharmacy references and publications available and up to date in accordance with Pharmacy Council regulations? (AMH, AMH Children Dosing Companion, MIMS, MIMS - Don’t Rush to Crush, eTG, APF)

  • Is dispensary scan compliance above threshold (95%)?

  • Is dispensary protocol affixed to wall in dispensary?

Cold Chain

  • Does the pharmacy have a Strive for 5 temperature refrigerator log sheet affixed to each cold medication (including vaccine) fridge(s)? Comment if they also have a data logger.

  • Have the daily am/pm logs been recorded?

  • Is the pharmacy reviewing and saving the weekly data logger readings for fridges? Comment on their procedure

  • There should not any food in the medication (including vaccination) fridge. Is fridge clear of food?

Dispensary - S8

  • During March and September, has the pharmacist carried out a full stock-check and review of all S8 drugs of addiction?

  • Does the pharmacy conduct more regular S8 checks? If so, when was the most recent check? Comment on the checking process

  • For all controlled drugs that need to be destroyed, are they separately stored in the safe and clearly labelled for destruction?

  • Does the pharmacy have a procedure for dispensed S8 medicines and webster packed S8 medicines?

S8 monitoring

  • Please conduct appropriate checks as per Proprietor action sheet for S8 Medicines as per schedule. P14.3
    On completion, take a photo of the form and any photos of reports and screens

  • Schedule 8 Action Sheet : Please take photo of document after actioning required checks and reports.

  • Are S8 and S4B duplicates kept seperately?

  • Is the DD Safe key stored in a safe, legal manner by the pharmacy? Comment on it's storage.

  • Script validity - Check duplicates to ensure validity. If all valid, answer yes

  • Are all S8s Cancelled/Dated/Signed

  • Are all Psychostimulants endorsements with CNS/S28c/AU# + Appropriate Authority

AHPRA specific self audits

  • SA Pharmacy has specific monitoring requirements as per AHPRA conditions.
    No compounding allowed for:(i) Somatropin(ii) Testosterone(iii) Mesterolone(iv) Anastrozole.
    An outside Auditor is to conduct audits into the supply, dispensing or compounding of Schedule 4B drugs, somatropin and anastrozole. We also self audit the supply of these medications
    Please use the self audit form and take a photo when finished

  • Please take photo of S4D and S4B self audit sheet and any other reports.

  • Please comment on the S4D S4B audit and note any witness pharmacists

Owing Scripts

  • Please conduct appropriate checks as per Proprietor action sheet for owing scripts as per schedule and take a photo of filled form

Medicines Subject to Abuse plus S4B and S4Ds

  • Please conduct appropriate checks as per Proprietor action sheet for Medicines Subject to Abuse as per schedule and take a photo of filled form - P14.3. Has this been done satisfactorily?


  • Has last month's the pharma programs been submitted?

  • How many MedsCheck/Diabetes MedsCheck have been submitted?

  • Please check for PBS Rejections (Note <PBS payment for high cost drugs). Is all OK in this area?


  • Discuss the pharmacy approach to Safescript including process of documetation eg noting that SS was check every time or at least regularly.

  • Is the Safescript process satisfactory

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