Relevant shipping items:

  • Lithium Batteries Contained in Tool? (MUST BE REMOVED FROM TOOL IF SHIPPING BY AIR)

  • Lithium Metal Batteries SPARES?

  • Lithium Battery Flag Attached to Pipeline Inspection Tool?

  • Is there an IMU packed in the shipment?

  • Is there an IMU flag attached to pipeline inspection tool?

  • Are There Magnetic Materials Contained in Shipment?

  • Are There Fire Extinguishers Contained In The Shipment?

  • Is There a Gas Monitor Test Kit contained in the Shipment?

  • Is There Nitrogen Contained in the Shipment?

  • Are There Aerosols/Oil/Grease/Cleaners included in the Shipment?(List and Qty required)

  • Are There Self Contained Breathing Apparatus in the Shipment?

  • Is There Variable By-Pass Accumulator/Hydraulic Oil in the Shipment?

  • Are the Packages Containing Dangerous Goods Clearly Identified with Proper Labels for Road Transport?

  • Are MSDS Sheets Already Available for DG items above?

  • Has Packing List been Verified and Provided for entering in Maximo?

  • Has Tool Been Visually Inspected to Verify Tool Cleanliness prior to Transport?

  • Has the packaging been checked for being in good condition and free from contaminants prior to being used?

  • Has the packaging and contents been checked to meet the requirements of the destination country & verified to be free of insects or animal material and life, soil & plant material prior to being submitted for transport.

  • For Shipments To Australia Only:
    Does the contents and packaging being used comply with the requirements of the GE Australian Bio-Security policy. Full requirements can be found at

  • Packers Declaration: *As the shipper, I have the appropriate training certification and completed all required training courses. *All batteries have been removed from the inspection tool if shipping by air. *Full shipment has been checked for Dangerous Goods and all packages containing hazardous items have been clearly identified. *If more than one party is involved in packing both parties must sign section A

  • Name and Signature:



  • Shipping Method?

  • Dangerous Goods Correctly Packaged as per approved UN specification?

  • Shipment Fully Labeled per IATA/IMDG/DOT/ADR Regulations?

  • Logistics Declaration: *As the shipper I have the appropriate training certification which is current and up to date. *All the shipping documentation completed and filed for retention in accordance with current regulations.

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