1.0 - Exterior

1.1 - Pickup all trash in parking lot and around building.

1.2 - Pickup all trash in dumpster area and verify that the dumpster is locked. Do we need a new dumpster?

1.3 - Verify exterior trash can has been emptied. Also that the trash can is in good condition(lid is clean and secure)

1.4 - Verify that there are no landscape or plumbing leaks. Also verify that backflow cages are locked.

1.5 - Verify all plants are well groomed and trees are trimmed up and away from sidewalks/buildings.

1.6 - Verify that the lot is free from weeds. Steampump- spray for weeds in ramada area.

1.7 - Verify all entry/sidewalks are clean and free from debris. Sweep sidewalks as needed.

1.8 - Clean exterior mat (sweep or wash). Verify that the mat is in good condition.

1.9 - Verify all entry/exit doors and handicap buttons are working and in good condition. Do they need a PM service?

1.10 - Verify that all door handle covers are in good condition. (Stone, Thornydale, and Pantano)

1.11 - Verify all window decals and exterior signage is in good condition.

1.12 - Verify all parking lot/building lights are operational. Also check building and monument signs are working. Check time clock to verify the time is correct.

1.13 - Clean ATM and Drive Thru equipment. Verify all lighting and signs are working in this area.

1.14 - Verify the roof is in good condition and free from debris.

1.15 - Verify drive thru concrete and sidewalks are cleaned once a quarter.

1.16 - Verify asphalt (parking lot) is in good condition and stripes are visible.

1.17 - Verify all exterior windows are cleaned once a quarter. Verify front entry glass was cleaned the night before.

1.18 - Verify all mechanical yard are free from trash and weed. Please blow out Stone generator yard at least monthly.

2.0 - Interior

2.1 - Verify all interior mats are clean and good condition.

2.2 - Verify all interior doors are working.

2.3- Verify all flooring is clean and in good condition? Do we need top scrub, carpet cleaning, VCT stripped and waxed?

2.4- Verify lobby furniture is clean and in good condition.

2.5- Verify water station/water fountain is working and clean. Trash bin is emptied and cups are stocked.

2.6- Verify teller line dividers are clean and in good condition.

2.7- Verify teller line/welcome desk Millwork is clean and in good condition.

2.8- Verify all chairs are clean and in good working condition.

2.9- Verify all lights/bulbs are working and in good condition. Replace as needed. Verify all light fixture are clean and free from bugs. Also make sure we have plenty of back stock.

2.10- Verify all ceiling tiles are in good condition. (No signs of water leaks)

2.11- Verify all interior windows are clean and in good condition. Also make sure all blinds are clean and working.

2.12- Verify all paint and drywall is in good shape. Check all corners and door frames for marks made by vacuum cords.

2.13- Verify all of the interior is free from dust. (High and low)

2.14- Verify all HVAC T-stats are programmed and working.

2.15- Verify all clocks are working and time is correct.

2.16- Verify all fire extinguishers are full. Sign off when verified. Once a month.

3.0- Break room and Restroom

3.1- Verify all table and chairs are clean and in good conditions.

3.2- Verify all counter tops are clean.

3.3- Verify all cabinets are cleaning and doors/drawers are working.

3.4- Verify all appliances are clean and working.

3.5- Verify water system is working. (Check last service date)

3.6- Verify all plumbing is working and is in good condition. (No leaks)

3.7- Verify First Aid kit is stocked.

3.9- Verify all exhaust fans are working.

3.8- Verify all soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispensers are working and stocked.

3.10- Verify all mirrors are clean and free of scratches.

3.11- Verify all scent devices are working and stocked. Need to be replaced every 60 days. Write new date on TCell every time you replace.

3.12- Verify janitorial area is clean.

3.13- Verify paper product is stocked and organized.

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