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Section 1


  • Is there a written safety policy statement, signed by the director/OHS Rep, and displayed?

  • Responsibilities for OH & S have been explained to workers and included in job descriptions?

  • Regular Consultation with workers on OHS issues, toolbox meeting / pre-start etc?

  • Through what means and frequency (toolbox/weekly)

  • JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) or JSA (Job Step Analysis) are developed and in writing where required?

  • Is there a OHS representative for site?

  • Safety Information is displayed on notice boards Eg. Safety Committee minutes, alerts, articles on safety?

  • Take image of notice board or similar

  • Safety posters used to promote safety in the workplace?

  • Adequate safety signage displayed on site?

  • A cost effective option is to print out images from the internet and laminate them.

  • What are the PPE requirements for site?

  • Is there appropriate signage indicating PPE requirements?

  • Is there a policy in place for Heat Stress?

  • What does it outline?

  • Is there a policy for Cyclone Evacuation?

Section 2


  • First Aid Kits are available on site and contents are within date?

  • First aid attendance is recorded?

  • List of First Aiders onsite and Emergency numbers displayed in prominent location?

  • All incidents/accidents/near misses are documented?

  • Take Image of Form

  • An appropriate injury reporting form is in place?

  • A system is in place for management to follow up to ensure corrective action has been implemented

  • Suitable duties are made available by management for employees for light or restricted duties?

  • Rehabilitation Policy and return to work programs are documented and displayed?

  • Have there been any workplace incidents in the last 12 months? Explain

Section 3


  • An induction system is in place with a general introduction to site pointing out general issues with an employee sign off sheet?

  • A formal induction system is in place conducted by WHS Rep or online company specific program with exam upon completion?

  • Please ask for copies of completed inductions to be supplied to Pindan/DFP

  • Is ongoing training provided to employees?

  • Is training documented in a training manual/matrix and kept up to date


  • Hazardous manual handling tasks have been identified, control measures put in place?

  • Is manual handling training provided or correct techniques discussed prior to manual labouring tasks?

  • Appropriate numbers of lifting aids available? Trolleys / fork lift?

  • Posters are displayed in the workplace showing correct techniques?


  • Do you have a plan/policy for workers whilst traveling on the road? I.e no driving after 6pm, GPS tracking?

  • Is there regular contact throughout the working day?

Section 4


  • Are safety inspections checklists undertaken to identify potential hazards

  • What frequency are they performed? Quarterly/weekly etc

  • Does the checklist include a follow up reporting system to ensure hazards are followed up on?

  • Does the employee have a mechanism to report hazards?

  • Via what medium? Take 5/other form


  • Fire equipment and exits are clear of obstructions and clearly marked?<br>(1m radius clear around obstructions, exit signs in working order/illuminated?)

  • Aisles/walkways are clear of clutter/trip hazards?

  • Floors are free from from oil & grease?

  • Pallets, racking, shelves in good condition?

  • Goods/Product are stored orderly?


  • Adjustable chairs provided & at correct height?<br>(knees at right angles, feet flat)

  • Computer workstation can be height adjusted?

  • Computer Monitor at the correct height? (top of screen level with eyes)

  • Adequate rest breaks are provided for and encouraged (5 minute break from intensive computer use each hour)?

Section 5


  • Fire extinguishers in place and clearly marked?

  • Have extinguishers been serviced in the last 6 months?

  • Evacuation Plan displayed in prominent location, showing muster points?

  • Emergency Exit / Muster Point areas clearly signed?

  • Take Photo of Evacuation Plan

  • Has an emergency drill been carried out in the last 12 months?


  • Residual Current Devices (RCD's) are installed and tested regularly?

  • Electrical equipment is inspected and tagged by licensed test and tag personnel?

  • Plugs and sockets are in good condition and not overloaded with double adapters?

  • Are electrical tools in good working order? No frayed cords etc?


  • MSDS's are available for all hazardous substances?

  • Workers are trained in safe handling, storage and disposal procedures

  • Appropriate first aid facilities nearby? Eg: Eye wash station?

  • PPE supplied and used as required?

  • Spill control kits and procedures are in place?

  • Containers are clearly labelled and not worn?

Section 6


  • Vehicles are well maintained and service history maintained and current?

  • Vehicles have current insurances?

  • Operational manuals are easily accessible for machinery?

  • Maintenance logs for plant & machinery maintained?

  • Are documented pre-starts conducted on plant/vehicles/machinery?

  • Are they instructed to conduct informal pre-starts prior to operating machinery?

  • Are hand tools kept in good condition? Sharp, clean and handles in good condition?

  • Are cranes, slings and lifting gear used?

  • Are rated capacities clearly marked?

  • Is lifting gear in good condition? Not frayed or worn?

  • Is lifting gear in good condition, not frayed or worn?


  • Are forklifts present on site?

  • Workplace is designed so that pedestrians and forklifts are separated?

  • Signs and mirrors are provided for forklift truck "blind spots" where people may be walking and working?

  • Forklift has an easily readable load chart, and loads do not exceed the rated capacity?

  • Are warning devices suck as reversing beeper, flashing lights fitted?

  • Protective structure on top of forklift to protect driver from falling objects and seatbelt fitted?

  • All personnel operating forklifts have a current high risk forklift licence?

FIxed Plant

  • Is there fixed plant on site?

  • What type of fixed plant is on site?

  • Specific on-site training has been given in regards to safe operation of this equipment?

  • Entanglement risks from hair, gloves, clothing has been eliminated by way of appropriate guards?

  • Laceration, crushing risks have been evaluated and eliminated?

  • Controls are clearly labelled and are within easy reach of the operator?

  • Emergency stops are highly visible?

Mobile Plant

  • Is there mobile plant on site?

  • What type of machinery is on site?

  • Are certificates required for this machinery or will the company VOC (verification of competency) on site?

Section 7


  • Are workers exposed to continual noise level exceeding 85dBA?

  • Is there a Noise Management or Hearing Conservation program in place?

  • Hearing protection available for use?

  • Hearing signs prominently located?

  • Photo of Hearing Signs


  • Air-conditioning system regularly cleaned and maintained?

  • Airborne contaminates kept at acceptable levels? Eg-construction site watering to keep dust minimized

  • Fume extraction provided where applicable? Eg. Welding/confined space/cooking areas?

  • Adequate Ventilation in work areas/factories?

  • Provisions are made for shaded work areas wherever possible? (moveable shade structures)

  • There are regular rest breaks provided In a cool well ventilated area for workers exposed to hot & humid environments?


  • Washrooms, toilets and lockers clean?

  • Meal areas clean and tidy?

  • Is there a supply of drinking water?

  • Are water coolers cleaned regularly and filters changed?


  • Are you aware that you cannot alter an on-hired workers duties without first notifying PLS/DFP?

  • Are you aware that you can not change an on-hired workers work location with out first notifying PLS/DFP?

  • Are you aware that we both share (the agency and the host client) the responsibility for the safety of the on-hired workers? and that ANY INCIDENT, no matter how small, needs to be documented and brought to the attention of PLS/DFP?

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  • Pindan Labour Solutions Representative

  • Host Client Representative

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