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Cash & Stock controls

  • Cash float checks (daily). Printed, signed and discrepancies explained.

  • Change safe checked (daily). No subs, unprocessed notes for refunds etc

  • Refunds. All made by same payment method (e.g. no cash refunds of cc payments etc). All refunds processed through CN (including function deposits etc).

  • Referee/coaching payments (daily). All cash recorded, matched with CN records and actual payments signed for by referee/coach (full referee/coach details to be recorded).

  • Vending machines (weekly). Trackers completed & variances investigated and explained.

  • Banking reconciliation (daily). Printed and signed. Accompanied by bar till and PDQ listings (attach to banking reconciliation).

  • Banking drop logs (daily). Completed, signed and witnessed on each drop log.

  • Banking drop logs - (weekly cash collection). Completed, signed and witnessed. Loomis receipt attached to weekly log. Loomis receipt matches log. Nothing left in safe and all collections take place as scheduled. Any requirement to change/cancel authorised by Finance team.x

  • Confirm all outstanding TTI (weekly). All payments for sales must be banked immediately (i.e. no holding cheques in safe or folder).

  • Debtors (daily). Confirm debts are being chased daily.

  • Safe access (weekly). Only managers have key to change safe (kept in personal control). Drop safe keys stored in change safe.

  • Stock audit (weekly). Tracker completed and bar stock counted weekly, with open and close counts and checked vs sales.

  • Alcohol - wastage book (weekly). Confirm breakages/spillages/line cleaning waste recorded - manager sign off required

  • End of day procedure (till rec). Completed accurately and every day. All banking references etc filled in. Variances investigated and explained.

  • Fitco (weekly). All stock tracked and 100% accurate vs. takings.

VAT Compliance - booking agreements

  • League block booking (at start of season). Booking agreement signed by customer. Either physical paper record or emailed and e-signed.

  • Social block booking (start of each block booking). Booking agreement signed by customer - physical paper record or emailed and e-signed.

  • Loyalty scheme booking (2nd occasion of play). Booking agreement signed by customer - physical paper record or emailed and e-signed. Bookings to be downgraded if play does not take place and ceases to qualify.

H&S Compliance

  • BBC checks - pitch inspections (daily). Confirm uploaded to Yournet and new weeks sheets printed and out for use

  • Maintenance Portal (weekly). All new issues logged, quotes uploaded, activity updates added, previous works reviewed and closed when work complete.

  • Statutory accident report forms (accident book) (weekly). Confirm number of accidents reports and accident forms completed.

  • Incident reports (internal reporting) (weekly). Confirm incident reports completed and sent to Compliance & ROM for all accidents and non-personal injury incidents.

  • First Aid Kit (weekly). In place and adequately stocked.

  • First aid training (monthly). All new staff trained.

  • Defibrillators (weekly). Pads in date and battery working.

  • Fire checks as per BBC checklists (weekly). Confirm testing of all call points and fire alarm.

  • Fire log book (weekly). Confirm stored in safe.

  • Fire evacuation drill (quarterly). Confirm date of last fire drill and next scheduled one.

  • Emergency lighting (monthly). Confirm date of last test and next scheduled one.

  • Legionella checks per BBC checklists (weekly). Confirm weekly test done and date of last test.

  • Food hygiene checks (weekly). Cleaning checklist completed and displayed.

  • Food hygiene checks (weekly). Confirm temperature checks in food served being carried out.

  • Food hygiene training (weekly). Confirm all staff preparing food trained and certificates displayed in food prep area.

Legal Signage/legal requirement

  • Premises licence (weekly). Confirm valid and on display in bar area. Confirm staff are aware of operating hours (no activity allowed outside of these).

  • Designated premises supervisor (DPS) (weekly). Confirm club has a valid DPS (usually the club manager) on premises licence.

  • Personal licence holders (weekly). Confirm a personal licence holder is on site during all bar opening hours.

  • Bar price list (weekly). Confirm bar price list on display in bar and prices matching on tills.

  • Bar till (weekly). 'No sale' button - not active or removed.

  • Alcohol sales - age challenge (weekly). Confirm challenge 25 poster on display in bar.

  • Alcohol sales - refusals book (weekly). Confirm any refusal to sell alcohol is documented (including reason, e.g. under age, intoxicated etc).

  • CCTV (weekly). Confirm notice on display.

  • H&S A3 Poster (weekly). Confirm on display (state location).

  • H&S Policy (weekly). Confirm on display (state location).

  • Employers' liability insurance certificate (weekly). Confirm on display (state location).

  • DBS Checks (weekly). Confirm new staff/referees/coaches have completed DBS check requirements.

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