Check play equipment for cracks, bending, warps, rusting, or breakage of any components

Check wooden slides for splintering wood where legs and hands touch

Check metal slides that they do not become too hot when the sun shines down on them

Check for any cracked toys that may pose a pinching hazard

Check for loose nuts, bolts, and caps or protruding bolts with sharp edges and no caps

Check for splintering wood on play equipment, picnic tables, and wooden fences

Check for protruding nails on play equipment, picnic tables, and wooden fences

Check for rusty equipment and toys accessible to children

Check the chains on swings to see that they are securely attached

Check for vandalism (broken glass or trash)

Monitor sand and play area for animal feces, poisonous plants, and mushrooms

Check for tripping hazards such as exposed footings, roots, rocks, etc.

Check for slipping hazards such as sand on walkways or pavement

Check tired for pooling water, bee hives

Check for broken supports/anchors

Check for lack of lubrication on moving parts

Check for poor drainage areas

Check for chipping or peeling pain on all toys, equipment, and buildings

Check for sharp edges and points on toys, fences, play equipment, etc

Monitor fence for thorny plants or bushes that may be accessible to children's reach

Check to see that all gates on pool fences are latched

Check to see that all self latching devices on gates are functioning properly

Check to see that there are no containers of standing water, which could pose a drowning hazard

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