Are all water lines roughed in at the correct height and correct location?

Are med gas outlets installed in the correct location?

Are all pipe insulation in place?

Is a waste outlet in the correct location and capped?

Have all penetrations through the floor been sealed correctly?

Are all valves free from leaks?

Is the plumbing system watertight?

Is the water piping pressure test conducted?

Are all pipes properly fit?

Hot and Cold Water

Materials used are approved and appropriately marked?

Hot to the left and Cold to the right?

Tempering valves installed? Bathroom fixtures reach a maximum of 50 degrees centigrade?

The correct piping is used?

Pipe work is labelled appropriately?

Securing pipe work (polymer pipe work) at every truss or 600mm max on horizontal?

Pressure test 1500 Kpa?


Are faucets free from leaks and damages?

No water drips when the spigot is turned off or when the water is running?

No visible signs of water stains on walls and ceilings?

Is the toilet free from loose fittings?

Are all water drains clog-free?


Is the water pressure at a safe level?

No visible signs of cracks, brittleness, or leaking?

Is the drainage line free from corrosion and pipe damage?

Is the gutter unobstructed?


Inspection Result


Full Name and Signature of Inspector
Full Name and Signature of Client