Front and side of the store

Front signage clean and free of cobwebs?

Windows and sills clean? (free from debris/residue/fingerprints)

Are the correct posters displayed? Ensure they are not faded

Are poster frames in good repair?

Is the front of the store free from weeds/moss?

Customer Area

Does the store have the allergens notice displayed?

Are all the lights working in the collection area? Double check cobwebs

Is the customer coke fridge at temp and seal in good repair?

Is there any visible maintenance issues?

If yes to above, what were they? (please ensure they are reported)

Is the customer door locked?

Are all of the screens displayed correctly? (i.e. collection)

Are all necessary Perspex screens up and clean?

Uniform & grooming

Are all staff in full uniform? (trousers, shirt, badge, hat, under t-shirt etc)

Hairs fully tucked in (use of hair net, beard snood)

Jewellery (not allowed however only hoop earring no bigger than 5p & plain wedding ring)

All aprons clean & dried (separate clean & dirty aprons)


Is the sanitisation clock counting down from 2 hours? Does the manager on shift know the full sanitisation procedure? i.e. change cutter, clean screens/catch tray

Has the sanitiser been made this morning and tested to standard?

Are all dough types available, in date and in good condition?

If no, what were the issues?

Is there only 2 hours worth of food in the makeline?

Is the cornmeal bin dated?

Is the cornmeal stored correctly? (no red/blue tray underneath)

Thin crust - covered and ripped free, make sure they are not dried

Are the sauces dated and timed correctly?

Is the makeline at the correct temperature?

Are all products within date in the makeline? Do all makeline bin tubs have a date?

Are all the seals clean and in good repair? Catch trays/grills free from damage?

Is the makeline shelving free from mould or build up?

Is there any ice build up? Are the curtains and handles in good repair?

Is the GF kit fully stocked, in date and available?

Is the makeline keyboard clean and covered? (check underneath)

Are the screens and pans in good condition? (free from build up/damaged)

Are the pans greased for the day?

Oven area

Are the oven hood & filters clean? Is the oven free from dust and build up? Are the oven windows clean? Is the belt free from cornmeal build up?

Are the surrounding ceiling tiles clean and not yellowed? (check whole shop)

Are screen tubs free from damage or sharp edges?

Are the 4 cutters available and clean? Is the vegan cutter labelled?

Are all the oven sauces free from dried sauce and in date?

Routing area

Are all hot rack bulbs working?

Are all delivery bags clean from previous night with no sticker residue/damaged?

Are all cool bags free from rips and clean?

Is the hot bag rack clean and free from dust build up? (remove inserts)


All dough trays no higher than 25 inc. cover tray

Are the curtains overlapping, not touching the floor and free from build up/damage?

Is the chiller to temp with all products in date? (Especially vegetables, delight cheese, vegan cheese, soya strips, hotdog, tuna)

Are the fans, ceiling and lighting all free from dust build up? Is the racking free from mould?

General around the store

Are all dips in correct rotation?

Is the coke/ice cream fridge to temperature with seals in good repair? Are all products within date and rotated? (ice cream freezer should be free of ice)

Any visible damage around this area?

Are all staff washing their hands when changing station and for 20 seconds?

Are all soap dispensers stocked? Are all sinks available to use?

Are all fly zapper bulbs working and back boards free from excessive build up?

Are boxes more than 1 box width from the ceiling? Is the product side covered if boxes are being made?

Are all fire extinguishers free of dust?

Are all dunnage racks clean and free from build up?

Are all vents clean and free of dust build up?

Is the store room clean, organised with all products in date?

Is all of the racking clean and free of rust/build up?

Are the trays being stored correctly outside? (wash away any excess cornmeal)

Is the back door locked?

Washing area

Are all tubs free from damage and residue? Are they being dried correctly?

Is the tin opener clean and free of debris?

Are dish cloths/sponges left in sanitiser when not being used?

Is all of the racking clean and free of rust/build up?

Mop head clean & hanged / mop bucket clean from debris inc mop station

Correct bottles used for chemicals


Are there bins in each toilet? Are all bins free from damage and cracks?

Are the bins clean, organised and not overflowing?

Is toilet roll available in each toilet?

Is there any issues you are aware to not on this checklist? Please list


Temperatures (check last 4 weeks ensure they are done properly)

Rentokil visit done in last 6 weeks.

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.