Part 1 : Get Safe for Work

Before you start Answer the beIow, f you answer No to any of the Following, please ensure that you inform the Responsible Persons and resolve Prior to Starting.

  • Do you have the right documentation for the job? Risk Assessments, Permits and Method Statements.

  • Are the power tools and leads tested?

  • Do you have the right PPE for the job?

  • Are scaffolds and towers inspected?

  • Is there Safe Access?

Part 2 : Think - Act

If you Think the Task Requires additional controls - Select At Risk, Describe what is needed prior to commencing work. Implement the Controls and Continue

  • Slips, trip or fall on the same level hazard?

  • Falls From Height

  • Falling or flying objects Hazard?

  • Chemical/Harmful Substances

  • Heat/Fire/Explosion/Hot works

  • Asphyxiation / Drowning

  • Risk to Plant

  • Stationary objects Contact Risk

  • Overturn/Collapse

  • Manual handling

  • Insecure load

  • Vehicle/ Contactor exclusion Risk

  • Contractor /Contractor exclusion Risk

  • Confined spaces (Permit Req’d)

  • Dust/Fumes

  • Noise

  • Vibration

  • Electricity

  • Radiation

  • Contamination

  • Poor lighting

  • Temperature

  • Adverse weather

  • Pinch/ Trapping Points

  • Dust/Fumes

  • Others Please specify

Part 3 : Review

  • Has the Works created any New Hazards

  • Are there any lesson that were learn from the days Works

  • Are there any further safety Suggestions or Concerns Regarding the the days proceedings that you would like to communicate to Management?

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